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As every day passes, crypto currencies evolve. There seems to be a ton of ICOs springing up daily with varying blockchain technology and application. These various tokens are often designated for carrying a particular kind of information and security and speed of transfer are of high priority. Having a fast, secure and efficient means of transferring between individuals and interacting with parameters off the blockchain becomes very important.


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source: Liquidity whitepaper?
Well, for starters,liquidity isn’t just one thing, it is a couple of very useful and interesting things, according to the whitepaper, “The Liquidity Network is a non-custodial, financial intermediary offering payment and exchange services”. The platform was designed to be a user-friendly, easy access, cheap, secure and efficient platform for crypto holding, transfer and off-chain transactions. In simple terms, liquidity is an all in one portal that facilitates crypto holding, transfers/transactions, interactions and security at the most cost effective rates available.
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source:Liquidity whitepaper?

Aspects of Liquidity Network

In this part, I’ll discuss certain features.

• Noncust: “Noncust” is an abbreviation for non-custodial. It represents a means in which trading takes place in a manner that ensures liquidity but still retains a user friendly outlook, convenience and security. One peculiar thing about Noncust is the fact that your crypto is entirely in your control and unlike platforms like Binance, one does not have to transfer your funds/tokens to any general account. This gives the customer a better sense of belonging and control of tokens. Liquidity employs this form of crypto holding for its customers thereby promoting the true sense of decentralization.

• Secure: The Liquidity team paid close attention to this area and constantly stressed their interest in ensuring that the platform is secure from phishing and other vices.

• Cost effective: Liquidity currently offers negligible transaction cost.

• Swift Transactions: Users enjoy instant transactions while using liquidity.

• Off-chain Transactions: this means that while liquidity is built on the Ethereum blockchain, the platform also offers swift and easy interaction with fiats and requires no third parties or transaction fee. The off-chain transaction offers typical transactions between two individuals and also opens the possibility of creating a hub for transactions between communities. These hubs ensure that transactions are done swiftly, in a secure and transparent manner. The nocust feature ensures that no fund is “lost” to the server.

• Scalability: Liquidity Network’s scalability allows users to make transactions irrespective of the amount at the disposal of the individual. Unlike other trading platforms that put limit caps on how much can be utilized, Liquidity Network gives everyone equal chance of participating/trading on the platform.

• Easy Access: one interesting feature of Liquidity network is its easy access. The platform is hosted on mobile wallet as well as web based wallet with easily understandable patterns that would aid swift transaction. The fact that it is hosted on the ethereum blockchain also facilitates the easy understanding and accepted by any smart contract.

Use Case-Purse of an Organization
The fact that the liquidity network is transparent makes it the ideal portal to be used by organizations that operate a general purpose “purse” for keeping and allocating funds for different purposes. The platform's ease of access and simple design ensures that members require little or no technical knowledge to use and appreciate it. To ensure transparency, every shareholder of the organization will be able to observe the funds that come in and out of the organization, thereby ensuring that no funds gets misappropriated/is accounted for.

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source:Liquidity whitepaper?
• Secure transaction
• Simple a design
• Easy access to funds
• Swift transactions
• Cheapest transaction cost
• Easy off-chain transaction
• No locked up funds
• Scalability and flexible fees
• Transparency

Liquidity Team
The liquidity team is comprised of seasoned professionals with qualifications in diverse fields and qualities that came together to put this platform together. The following images were cut out from the Liquidity whitepaper?

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Liquidity whitepaper

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