ONAM - The Exchange Solving Current Challenges while Thinking in Mass Adoption

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The cryptocurrency market is going through a correction period after the tremendous rises at the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018, however during all this time the development of many technologies hasn't stopped, I dare say that at this time the greatest advances are being made in favor of scalability, security, compliance with regulations and user experience.

With all that said, it's clear that the cryptocurrency market is still at a very early stage so there is still much room for improvement, and even more challenges ahead.

The ONAM team has taken all this into account, and that is why they have developed a platform that solves many of the current challenges that the exchanges face, while also taking into account what the future holds.

What is ONAM?

ONAM is a cruptocurrency exchange, but not any exchange, is a fully compliant platform that gathers all the necessary tools for the different modalities of trading and management of crypto-assets in the same place.

This platform is focused on providing a fast, secure and scalable infrastructure, capable of handling the demands that a true mass adoption implies, while complying with the regulations established by the regulatory entities.

Fully Compliant

Something I really liked and I think it's a very good sign, is that they put a lot of emphasis on being fully compliant. The thing is that most projects, both new and well established, focus only on the technical aspects leaving the regulatory issues aside. It doesn't matter how much innovation and possible solutions they can bring, if this issue isn't properly addressed the platform will be eventually shut down by the authorities, so it should be one of the priorities of any serious crypto project nowadays.

Different regulatory bodies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Commodities and Futures Trading Commission have turned their eyes towards the crypto-market. We have already seen how some large platforms have been shut down and have received charges for being in violation of multiple laws, and it is suspected that many others are under the same risk.

As new retail and institutional investors arrive, the market goes from being the wild west to demanding a greater transparency. For that reason ONAM is working with professionals in the area:

ONAM has retained one of the top legal firms in the United States to handle all legal hurdles we as a company might face and to operate without the threat of being shut down by regulatory bodies.
Experienced in dealing with corporate and securities laws to represent us during our dealings with the SEC, FINRA, FINCEN and any other regulatory organizations.


Something equally important when it comes to gaining the confidence of users is security, and this is another issue that ONAM takes very seriously. We have seen how since the beginning of cryptocurrencies, hacks have been a recurring problem, being exchanges the main target. Hundreds of millions have been lost due to security failures, and it is expected that these attacks not only continue but also increase

Cyber ​​security must always be evolving in the same way that attackers do, so highly competent solutions are needed for all possible scenarios.


At the beginning of the year the market reached historic highs, close to the trillion dollars, and records in daily volume, which many platforms were not ready to handle. We saw how most exchanges closed the doors to new registrations, because they were running to max capacity.

But that was only the beginning, when we reach a true mass adoption the demands will be even greater, and the platforms should be ready for it.

That is why ONAM built its platform thinking about the future and true scalability, developing a system that can handle up to 10 Million transactions per second.

ONAM's Features

Crypto Trading

Margin Lending

Advanced Order Types

Live Chat Support 24/7

Margin Trading

ML Trade Assistant

Composite Index Fund

Push Notifications

OTC Trading

Paper Trading


Advanced Charting Tools

Giving a Look at the Interface:

I think the interface has a very practical design in terms of the layout of the elements, and I really like the contrast of colors in the night version.

ONAM vs Current Market Competitors:

As you can see in this comparison ONAM has many interesting features not available in other exchanges, but the most outstanding is the performance in number of transactions per second and the low fees.

ONAM is a project that knows the current needs of the market and is aware of the challenges to come to bring true scalability. Regarding technologies, I always like to think in terms of mass adoption, because I believe that the only viable way to bring it is by improving and facilitating the use of existing products, beyond just pointing out its advantages and expecting the masses to arrive by themselves.

We need to facilitate the entry point to new users, improve the user experience, generate confidence to potential investors, and I think that ONAM is doing an excellent job addressing these issues from that point of view, bringing a compliant, secure, scalable and accesible platform.

If you want to know more about ONAM you can check the following links for more information and resources:

Images: Captures from onam.io and from ONAM's Whitepaper

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Nice job, man. Really well done!
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Thanks bro! appreciate it :D

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