Dream - Traum (music video by @schamangerbert)

Today is dream time. Enjoy the first track of my CD from 1995. It is a direct to disc recording in 3D stereo.
Musicans: Dieter Irber - Sopran Saxophon and me - Didgeridoo

Heute ist Traum Zeit. Geniese das erste Stück meiner CD von 1995. Aufgenommen in höchstmöglicher direkt to disc recording Technik und mit 3D Stereo Effekt.



Music Video

International sending of one CD for 8 Steem, contact me at discord or steem.chat.

Für 6 Steem schicke ich dir ein Exemplar der CD per Post, Kontakt über discord oder steem.chat.


Bis nächstes Mal! / See you next time!

Danke für Deine Aufmerksamkeit! / Thank you for your attention!

Original content by @schamangerbert

Schaman GerbertIMG_6013kkk-th112.JPG

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Wow just wow captain , now accompanied with sax, great music you two got , never heard of that didgeridoo before

your music can be a background to an ancient time in a movie while someone is narrating.
great music captain @schamangerbert , it can be also use for relaxing , brain development for babies 👏👍❤️❤️❤️


Habe ich auch resteemed! Gefällt mir richtig richtig gut....

A voice,
I will send.
Hear me!
The land
All over,
A voice
I am sending!
Hear me!
I will live!

After all enjoyed your music and cool instrument
However keep posting like that .
Waiting for next one
Lot's of live for you ,
bless up @schamangerbert

Yeah...It's a DREAM time @schamangerbert. Very clear to hear cool sound indeed. We all can meditate via your sound. I like to hear natural sound like these. Good improvement job you did. Unbelievable sound capacity. Expand my soul. Thanks for shared.

That is played nicely by you lovely tunes to hear :)
Thanks for sharing

wow @schamangerbert this is fantastically played by you great video i enjoyed

i am liking this a lot playing it once again and enjoying the music

Tolle Musik, ideal zum entspannen.

original music love it..
thank's for sharing

Beautiful video and an excellent time i had personally watching your blog video today you are so professional

the sound effect it produces excellent to view this thanks for making the video :)

good post dear

not that easy to play but you now do it so amazingly well :)

This is really nice
Thanks for sharing

Good job. Thanks for sharing.

very well post and i love music song...
thank you for sharing... sir.....
and. U5dsyTVK4kVw9Lc15GkPCvweGkv6UL6.gif..
keep up it...

Wow... It's a great writing...
I'm glad to see your every article..
That is a another great topics..
Keep it up..
I'm always with you

Wow... It's a great writing...
I'm glad to see your every article..
That is a another great topics..

have a nice day wow seems like you are a professional chef too nicely done

I like your opinion.so i proud your post.and thanks for share next post

really awasme


Very extraordinary sounds! I couldn't believe that the two musical instruments could complement each other perfectly! The music took me out in to outer space among the galaxies!
The trip is too short! The music stopped too soon!

Thank you for sharing!

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