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RE: New Group Exclusively for Steemit Musicians on "The Devil's Network" for networking, questions, tips, and post promoting

in #originalmusic4 years ago

Hahhahaah I don't like FB either and ONLY use it to promote Steemit content! hahahahahaha so guess we are on the same page. I think I just joined this group. Thanks for making it and hope to share good music with our fellow Steemians!


Excited to have you on board with us, @quinneaker, and glad to see your account pinging again on my Feed!!


You are in our Steemit Local Music Society on Discord now, aren't you? Just launched, looking for all things music under one roof. :)

no i am not but would like to be. How do I do that? Not frailer with discord.

Download the Discord app (it's a chat app for gamers, but also being used heavily for Steemit promotion), and I will send you a code directly on FB to get you into our servers, and links to some of the other cool servers you need to be a part of.