Trash Juice (HardRock Funktronic ) Album Out Now...

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Trash Juice Greatest Sips album cover

One Media® presents
"Trash Juice Greatest Sips"
now on
Spotify, Apple, AmazonMusic, GooglePlay, Deezer
and more...

Hard Rock Funktronic CyberPunk Progressive Metal ...

One Media® has now released a compilation album of a number of tunes from the band, Trash Juice as previously featured here on Steemit throughout their long history together...

You can watch the music videos of the 'singles' from "Trash Juice Greatest Sips" as previously posted in these Steemit 'making of' blogs:

Rip Tide cover
"Rip Tide"

Rogue Drone cover
"Rogue Drone"

Iron Core cover
"Iron Core"

Miner49er cover

Splash cover

Soulmination cover

Swing E Thing cover
"Swing E Thing"

Splash cover

Beast Beat cover
"Beast Beat"

Miner49er cover

Who Stole My Pearl? cover
"Who Stole My Pearl?"

Love Bomb cover
"Love Bomb"

Kundalini Rising cover
"Kundalini Rising"

Stick cover

Into The Vortex cover
"Into The Vortex"

dab 'n' dub cover
"dab 'n' dub"

Happy listening!

©2020 One Media®


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