Metal- Bushwacked (original song)

in #originalmusic3 years ago (edited)

Here's another from our metal band Metal (no seriously ). This song is about the bushwackers from the civil war era, I learned as a kid that some of my family back then was on the receiving end of their variety of brutality, and decided to write a song about it. This is our first recording of this song taken by @jakeimnotshure shortly after we decided to reboot the old band (formerly known as Defiance of Authority). I wrote it when I was 14 so it was a bit rusty when we laid down the track, but I figured I'd share it with you guys and gals anyway. Hope you enjoy it!

If you like it and would like to see more of our content please follow @jakeimnotshure, @neropoison, and I for more original music and random whatnots. Cheers!


Impressive writing when you were 14. I'm digging it.

Thanks, glad you dig it! I wish I could still write as quick as I used to then, damn adulting lol

We wrote so much shit ten years ago. I will eventually send you copies of the hulk notebook. I promise, T. like you said, damn adulting... ONE of your bands MUST revamp Left To Rot.

Lol no worries, CC. I know how it goes! Just whenever you have time, I would love them. I know there are things I'm missing I just can't remember. Also, this metal band had already revamped LTR, you just haven't heard it yet ;).

Post it soon. I have to hear it! If you give me specific songs you need the lyrics for that's a good starting point for me to get them to you

I like it! Good track, pretty brutal, but I was in the mood for it.

Thank you, it's always awesome to hear someone likes our stuff! Glad you enjoyed it.

As long as I've known this song, that bass line fucked me up everytime. I couldn never get it right!
This is waaaaaay heavier than DOA version :D

That bridge was HARD! You'll have to post an updated song soon.

Wicked, I'm glad you thought so!! Definitely updated version of our stuff coming soon, we've been talking about recording recently.

Wow, there was this one part of the song that I wanted to sample into an instrumental, it was dope!! Good work & keep it up!

Hey, if you think it's awesome enough to sample for an instrumental, go for it! Just remember where it came from is all I ask :). Thanks for the kind words!

Wow @johnbutler, really? I think you just gave this big baby his candy!!! Lol, I won't let you down. I'm going to create a dope hip hop instrumental out of that part that I heard and of course I'm going to credit the source when I post it! Keep up the great work, I'll make sure to tag you in my post when I'm finish with the instrumental beat! You're awesome!

Badass! I'm excited to hear what you do with it :). I'm just glad I have something you want to work with, and that it creates a mutual interest for us both. Have a blast with it, cheers!!

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