Ritmo de Pandillero / Gangsta Rythm - World Wide Cypher Jam 31 @Termitemusic

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Hi homies! i'm back to the Jam!

This instrumental set me on fire, @Termitemusic you killed with this rythm bro.

As usual, the video has subtitles.

My respect to all, salutes!

Letra en español:

Ritmo de pandillero
toda la carne, al asadero
me dieron 3 deseos, y dije 3 veces dinero
fuck tha police
siempre celebro uno menos
porque todos sabemos que los pacos no van al cielo

te habla el dueño del circo
el barbaro del ritmo
traigan solo tetas que yo cheques no firmo
los mato hasta cuando silbo
los mato cuando no sirvo
y uds diciendo ojala como silvio

prrr po po, lo que les sale es coquero
salgo y la tierra tiembla, me llaman cipriano armenteros
es America Rebelde cabellero
escrjbo bien callejero, con la bicha en el tintero

someto el boombap
siempre me zumban
pero yo solo estoy pendiente de cuca y curda
dinero burda
si te pelo con la derecha, no te escapas de la zurda

subanse al ring, ring
contra el king
una vaso lean y veo purple rain como prince
quiero 3mil si hay 2 mil
tengo activas las skills
pa escupirte este misil


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¡Está criminal!

Gracias Hermano!

Nuff RESPECT BRO!!!!!!! headbanger!!! You more than sick on this beat!!! (I gotta sample that 'termitemusic' bit too!!!!)


thaanks homie, your beat is awasome. Do you think I can use it to record this same song?

Yeah man!!! ... as long as you credit me bro, is all good!! I think Willy Gs doing the same on this beat!!! Big up man!!!

yo you killed this one! I'm happy your dropped the subtitles on the video as well my man!

thanks my bro!!! send you a big hug, salute!


That's my dude! Nice one! I came out with Funny prison stories pt. 2! Check it out when you have time - https://steemit.com/funny/@kenentertainment/funny-prison-stories-pt-2-drinking-with-a-neo-nazi-almost-going-to-jail-while-in-prison-race-lets-talk-about-it
Much love brother!! Also i got a freestyle mixtape coming out tonight my dude!

thanks homie!!!

No prob homie! Check out my blog sometime my G and keep up the great work!

Check out my latest mixtape - https://steemit.com/thecut/@kenentertainment/freestyle-mixtape-full-visual-form-with-links-for-downloads
You can download it or not, but i'd really like to hear your opinion! Thank you for all of your support!

DUDE! Love your bars n flow! maybe we can do a collab.. Mad Respect from Sabah!

Heeey man, thank you very much!! of course, we can do some music together bro, talk me in discord!!