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         The use and application of new digital technologies are highly relevant practices today, gaining more and more weight and credibility in all areas of development, that is why these ecosystems have proliferated under certain notions of improvement and optimization of processes immersed in a vision futuristic and pragmatic, affordable for all types of users, whether they are knowledgeable and experienced in the sector or not. However, this sector faces one of the most controversial and controversial problems in the cyber space, and by this I mean the reliability given to users by the computer security provided to the finances and information capsules, relevant to institutions or developers in general, and is that hacking is a recurring theme since the formation of interconnected networks that we now call the Internet. Currently the average user is aware of all attacks made to large platforms of exchange between assets, massive theft of information or even government espionage practices.

      That is why the new development ecosystems, information banks and new digital economic systems, merit security proposals that guarantee a free exercise of attacks under true parameters of reliability and encryption of information, thus ensuring even more growth in projection to a greater trait of credibility and reliability on the part of the investors who believe in the worth of this sector, promulgating a truly praiseworthy work on the part of everyone who lives within the new technologies.

         As a result of the aforementioned problems, Goldilock is born, a revolutionary security system designed to solve the drawbacks associated with the theft of assets and information within the web, based on overcoming the inherent inherent flaws in current storage practices, ie storage per physical stay or virtual storage given by a centralized, decentralized platform or space in the cloud.

         Coexisting in the NEO network Goldilock uses its Lock token to provide a gateway between the user and his wallet, performing certain verification processes without incurring IP gateways that provide some type of tracking and consequently commit such information to users or malicious systems.

         Have you ever wondered how close we are to a world where users can access their data quickly and securely in something as common as a mobile device? The physical documentation not only contributes to the inherent contaminating problem, but also greatly hinders a review process, adding to this the occasional inconvenience of tedious procedures to obtain certain identity documents common and necessary for all, which are certainly prone to theft, damage or loss.

. . .

         It is precisely for this reason that the integration of a security system to store data can greatly optimize large processes of review, analysis and information gathering within companies, organizations or even development periods, which consequently has to automate processes in consequence to a correct and secure data management. True web security today is nothing but a fallacy, the full control of our data is a reality that allows us to transcend to a future where everyone adopts new technologies in an easy to use and efficient way

         The mechanics of Goldilock consist in the remote storage of information, which is lodged in a room that subsequently has to physically disconnect from the Internet until the user wishes to manage said data in a determined period of time. What this pseudo file suspension raises is the disconnection of the encrypted information nodes, partially hiding it from any malicious user who wishes to infringe security parameters, and this is due to the information limitation that this exercise offers, that is why that the notion of isolation in physical air space must guarantee security for users in general.

         As a collateral effect of such effectiveness, the current market for cryptocurrencies must benefit from a substantial increase in investment given by a greater parameter of credibility before a healthy and safe exercise for all those who wish to be part of said economic system, since that the current practices not only generate distrust before the eyes of potential investors, in fact the fraud not only has to distort this economy, but also attacks the proposals of development and optimization that revolve around the blockchain technology and the low financing digital capital.

         Unfortunately many of the most popular technologies today were conceived and financed as a result of the military and government use so the manipulation and obtaining of information under arbitrary practices are quantifiable facts and known today by the average user, however the free exercise among users has led to adopt this space in a more practical and beneficial way for all, being able to occupy large security parameters and optimization for our information in general, so that the technology "airgap" has to revolutionize the existing paradigms of security within the Web.

         Goldilock has decided to make life within the NEO network, due to the modalities of action and benefit offered by this ecosystem in terms of security based on transactions under recognition and identification parameters, the formulation of intelligent contracts by interested parties in consolidating a a certain operation, adding to it the benefits that NEO offers by creating intelligent assets which must grant greater accessibility and speed when making transactions between users, practices that encourage a healthier exercise among stakeholders.

         The inclusion of this new security technology in the various existing areas can be quite profitable, since many of the institutions in the financial, medical, educational, governmental, etc. sectors are susceptible to loss of information due to some natural phenomenon, due to the fact that The transition from the physical to the digital information format has not been fully realized due to the aforementioned security problems, which is why the proliferation of an efficient security system has to solve a large number of problems related to reliability, being a clear look to a future where the average user can make effective and practical use of the friendliest technologies.

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