BandZ Network: A Decentralized and Secure Extranet

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In this report we will see how BandZ presents a descentralized multistep solution empowered by blockchain tecnology for the neutrality of the network, also offering a platform to establish a secure, robust and encripted point-to-point connection and providing bandwidth marketplace.

Let's look at the future of bandwidth

Current situation

The Internet as we know it, is a distributed and decentralized platform that allows us to communicate instantly and exchange all kinds of information and much more. However, it is increasingly becoming a centralized scheme, since it is the Internet Providers that control and monitor the entire bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of information that is transmitted or received over a period of time.

Large companies such as AT&T, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Verizon control the bandwidth of most of the internet; including government entities, such as the NSA, who constantly monitors the use of the internet.

Linked to the problem of internet monopoly, two more problems arise. In the first place the security of the internet. Point-to-point communications are vulnerable to malicious attacks from intermediaries that can easily intervene in the connection; putting at risk the information that is transmitted through the channel such as: banking information, credit cards, confidential information, etc.

Another problem is the internet scope. Internet does not get to all places of the world; there are many locations in which there are little or no infrastructure to establish a connection to the Internet. Condition that most internet providers take advantage of to increase the price of internet service, therefore becoming high cost of mobile data plans and roaming.


BandZ is a platform that allows to establish a safe and private global extranet, powered and decentralized through the blockchain technology.

The BandZ ecosystem will initially function as a p2p extranet, with the aim of creating secure and private connections, lowering internet service costs and providing access to places with little or no internet service.

Before we make our way to the BandZ ecosystem, we must know a bit about the definition of extranet. A corporate network usually has two types of network, an intranet or internal network, which allows interconnecting the offices and departments thereof; and an extranet or external network, which allows in a secure way to communicate the internal world of the company with the internet, which is an insecure environment. This is the principle of what is an extranet and what the BandZ platform proposes for users or consumers.

The BandZ software will provide users with encrypted point-to-point communication, ensuring privacy and preventing malicious intermediaries from corrupting or stealing information. In addition to providing a secure channel of communication, the BandZ ecosystem will balance the use of bandwidth, through an helper algorithm that will allow to balance the rate of information transfer between the nodes that comprise it, increasing or decreasing the uploads and downloads, allowing better use of bandwidth.

BandZ does not use VPN, it uses a technique of rotation of proxies, that allows the user to connect to a site with an IP assigned randomly from a list of IPs, this IP changes every time the user establishes a new connection even with the same site. In this way, it prevents the users from being recognized by the sites they visit or, in some cases, avoid denied connection from sites which deny foreign connection

BandZ uses the blockchain technology to monetize the bandwidth, i.e., the bandwidth will be transferred between peers as the Internet currency. When users connect to each other, the amount of bandwidth transferred will be recorded in the blockchain as BandZ network token called BNZ.

In this way the users can buy, transfer or exchange bandwidth from any place where they are, using the BNZ token and BandZ nodes. At the same time users will become a node of BandZ, increasing the network of nodes and serving as an expansion system from ecosystems to places where the internet does not reach (Mesh nets).


Every day the demand for bandwidth grows. In addition to this, new devices are constantly connected in the world, which makes it necessary to better manage connections at the global level. The ISPs are not prepared to face this new demand in the short term at the technical level. Creating the necessary infrastructure becomes too expensive for ISPs.

The BandZ platform can provide the alternative for ISPs to adapt to the growth of this demand. It also offers the possibility for interaction among ISP themselves and thus establish partnerships and meet the demands of the market.

BandZ is not a single solution

BandZ is proposing a multistep solution: this platform will not only provide security and privacy through an global extranet, but also wants to obtain network neutrality, that is, the network traffic will not have any kind of hierarchy or preference, nor will it charge more depending on the type of information that is transmitted. On top of this, BandZ is going to provide bandwidth marketplace.

To reach this multistep solution the BandZ network team is divided in three parts: the first part, the research team, is divided in two parts: Networks and mathematics for solving blockchain challenges. The second part is development, for software developers and technical team. The third part is strategy and business development to deal with social related issue and business related challenges with blockchain.


BandZ Diagram Overview

BandZ uses three types of nodes: providers, which link the user to the outside world; the users (consumers) who use the BandZ platform (BNZ tokens) and to redirect the traffic to the providers; and finally, the gateway nodes that balance the workloads between the external nodes.

Use cases

No more Roaming

Many times, as users, we need to have internet service everywhere we go, since it is as necessary as the telephone service, even more. However, there are places where we can not find free Wi-Fi service and buying a sim card for each site we visit is not a feasible solution; so many times we use the roaming service of our telephone provider which is excessively expensive, depending on the area where we are.

BandZ offers us the opportunity to buy bandwidth at a reasonable price based on BNZ tokens, without the need to spend on the excessive quotas of telephone data plans. Simply by implementing the BandZ software, to use the BandZ network and all its advantages (robust internet connectivity).

Monetize your Bandwidth

To participate in the BandZ ecosystem as an internet service provider, it is only necessary to run the BandZ software on your device. The software can work on many platforms, such as linux, mac, windows, android, among others. This way BNZ tokens can be obtained for each megabyte that is forwarded.

This is how BandZ incentives users to earn money by just forwarding traffic.

This way you can pay for your internet service with your internet :)

Also, as user, you can bandwith mining using BandZ software and nodes.

A second example of this scenario is to consider a user who lives in a tourist site and wants to make a profit by sharing his/her internet with the tourists who visit the locations. So, he or she would connect to the BandZ network, to share the bandwidth with the tourist and at the same time get in return BandZ tokens

Mesh Networks

The ecosystem of BandZ has the purpose of creating a large network interconnecting all kinds of devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) all over the world to expand the range of the internet service. In this way, the Internet can be expanded in areas where the Internet service does not exist due to high infrastructure costs.

Not only is it planned to expand the extension of the BandZ ecosystem through the mesh network. But also create a non-hierarchical and cooperative, self-configuring routing scheme that allows the dynamic distribution of data loads, even if a few nodes fail.

Rotating Proxies

As explained above, this mechanism is different from the one used by a VPN system. Unlike VPNs, the rotating proxies system uses an IP list and randomly assigns to users every time they connect to a site.

Improving anonymity and therefore user safety

P2P File Transfer Systems

It is clear the highest rate that circulates through the internet network is the point-to-point file transfers. However, these platforms have very poor performance when it comes to offering the availability of files. BandZ proposes a system assisted by its algorithm to balance or balance the bandwidth resources to spend more resources of those users who underutilize the channel.


BandZ develops a decentralized global extranet that uses the blockchain architecture to register the use of bandwidth and monetize it in the form of tokens (BNZ). In this way, business and consumers can buy, sell or exchange bandwidth.

BandZ provides a series of services (Mesh nets, rotating proxies, secure connection and more) that will improve the neutrality of the network and encourage users to serve as nodes of the BandZ network, expanding the network to places where there is little Internet service or none.


BandZ Intro Video

My BandZ Video



Road Map

Private Sale/Pre-ICO/ICO

Tokens Sales: 7 July - 7 August

Fundraising Goals

More Information & Resources

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