Of Content creators, Content consumers, Dapp users and Blockchain enthusiasts (Part 1/3)

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Not everyone can be a content creator, especially a Steem Blockchain based content creator.

And that is completely fine.

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Yes, I am saying this considering that one of the main selling points of our ecosystem, at least to the outside world, to the potential users, is that people can monetise their social media content by posting it on the Steem Blockchain.

Throughout 2018, some of the people who joined our Blockchain looking forward to publish daily content, did so expecting to receive considerable amounts of rewards and becoming a new sort of influencer on this new social media like website but, if you ask me, that is something that we as a community should be (and is actually happening right now) doing is showing all the new users, and those not so new, all the possibilities and implications being part of this Blockchain means for us.

What is this all about? Why am I giving this boring prelude?

When I joined the blogging part of the Blockchain, the one that 99% of the users see, after a long time observing, reading and trying to see what other users did to get some support, votes and traction on their posts was one simple thing: Differentiation.

What are you blogging about that makes you different from everyone else? Why should people pay attention to you, instead of the other 90,000 users on the platform?

(Oh yeah, we were way fewer people back then, it was easier to stand out)

I noticed a trend: Innovation, creativity and most importantly, choosing to blog about interesting yet unfamiliar stuff for people around the world. I decided to follow those steps and it worked for me, luckily I found an audience and so far as a content creator I like where I am on this community and I appreciate each and every follow, vote and comment I get.

I will turn two years old in a few days and so far, I can tell you that when it comes to content creation, this theory about innovation and creativity has been proved right in many (or you could say few, as only a few could say their content creation is getting constant support around the chain) occasions.

  • A gamer, redditor and crypto enthusiast who uses his experience to blog about different topics, most of them very interesting.
  • A very cute girl traveling the world and giving cryptocurrency advice to anyone willing to listen.
  • A surfer woman recording herself doing stunts and being free in the ocean, making vlogs in a particularly chill way.
  • A couple of Acro Yoguis recreating their routines for everyone to watch.
  • A Nordic girl posing naked for her camera and bringing their audience deep thoughts with her erotic content.
  • An amazingly beautiful girl who vlogs about content creation and tips to succeed on social media and who happens to also have a video show with there sister.
  • An Aussie who writes daily 4 pieces of deep, well thought content that rivals any Quora article out there.
  • A published writer, who posts one chapter of her new book every now and then.
  • A foodie girl who is charismatic (and talented) enough to bake a simple cake and make everyone want to eat it.
  • A data analyst who intertwines number to the engagement level on our platform and sometimes writes funny stuff.

I could go on, but not for much longer.

I know no more than 100 Steemian authors who actually get enough attention, votes and rewards to call themselves Influencers or successful content creators. I don't like that word, it is overrated and it actually doesn't portray what having influence on the Steem blockchain means. I also don't like using the word successful because what might means success to you, may not mean for me or vice versa, so for the sake of having a clean post, lets consider successful content creation the fact of getting enough votes, comments or attention to make the ratio of time you spend creating content vs rewards received, a satisfying one.

I know there are more than 100 successful content creators. Hell, theres probably 1,000 of them out of the One million users on Steem.

That number is still tiny, and it raises a question. Should we all strive to be content creators?

This topic is a sensitive one and I know this approach might get some positive as well as negative feedback, but I am doing it with the intent of getting as much feedback as possible, to encourage discussion.

First of all, not everyone creates content for the rewards. Yeah, the rewards are a nice bonus but some Steemians write to have their own block chained diary, some others to share their thoughts with their friends, there are some who are just experimenting with writing or photography or video creation and any vote they get, is one cent more than what they would get if they did the same on Facebook or Reddit.

Let us talk about those writing with rewards on their mind.

I used to have a delegation, one of the biggest ones on the Steem Blockchain. I used to curate a lot and to distribute votes and rewards to content creators on a daily basis. Now that the delegation is temporarily gone, my vote is worth 30 cents.

That vote is still worth a lot if you consider that some, if not most of the content creators make single digit cents in rewards on their posts on a daily basis. Those posts took the authors at least one hour to make considering they had to think about the topic, write the post, edit it, get some pictures or take some photos, reply to the comments and other miscelaneous activities they may do while posting.

Is one of their high quality posts worth 6 cents?

Probably not, in fact I am sure they think it is worth more than six cents. Yes, it is 6 more cents than what they would get on Instagram or Twitter but, is it really worth the effort? Are they satisfied with the outcome and happy with the rewards they got? Smart money goes to NO.

Is this bad? Is it wrong? Is any of this Fair? Should it change?

No, to all of them the answer is No. It is just how things work. Everyone creating content on the Blockchain is competing for the same reward pool, and that reward pool gets smaller as the number of users grows but the price of the coin remains the same. Every time a content creator clicks the post button, other ten people did the same at the same moment and most of that content will fly by unnoticed by the few manual curators still scanning the different content tags.

I am no longer curating content. I read a lot of the posts on my Feed. I follow quite a number of interesting people and I know exactly what is happening on the Blockchain all the time, at least the most relevant stuff. But I no longer vote on other posts, at least not with the frequency I would like to. You see, I don't have the voting power anymore. 50% of my voting power goes to the people commenting on my posts and the other 50% goes to the posts I read that I want to reward. I mean, 15 to 30 cents is better than nothing, right?

I know a lot of people are doing the same as me. High powered Steemians, but not highly enough to be curating other posts on a daily basis, but concentrating in rewarding a handful of authors and some of the comments on their own posts.

Which begs the question. Should some Steemians focus in being Content consumers and leave meaningful comments in other Steemians content? For some people, leaving thoughtful comments in other people's posts could mean better rewards than actually creating content of their own.

This is the first part of a 3 piece post Ive been thinking about for a long time. In a few days Ill post the second part, but first I would really like your input in the comment section (which as stated above will be voted accordingly with my 30 cent VP) before writing the next piece.

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I am guessing I am the Australian but I wouldn't mind being a naked Nordic girl ;D

When it comes to the creator/ consumer dynamic it is a difficult one Steem because most people obviously do end up here because of the rewards. But, there also has to be some common sense applied as it can't possibly be that everyone gets rewarded, even if content quality (whatever one considers as that) is good. There are just not enough consumers or demand on the coin for consistency as you rightly said, the price of Steem has stayed low, and much lower than when most people joined.

For the wanting earner here, this is a platform of looking long as that is really the only way one is able to build the foundation (follower/ Steem) necessary for any kind of consistency. then, even that consistency is not going to be very consistent. In the last week I have an 80 dollar post and a few one and two dollar posts. I am grateful for both as I know that regardless of the effort put in or the value they might bring, I am not in the position currently to buy a lot of Steem with Fiat so, every Steem counts. I don't care about the fiat value of Steem because, I am looking long - Later when Steem is where I think it will go., I will start caring a little more as I will be able to distribute a fair amount to people and I will likely have to set some auto voters or trails.

I had part of a delegation removed so I have changed my voting behavior also and have upped the percentage I give to comments. The reason is that a lot of the people who comment on my posts are my followers, which are generally other long-term players. On top of this, they are also consumers of content and I want to encourage that side of it too as that is where the future will be. This is also why I try to reply well to most of those who comment.

On Steem, there is a level of economic entitlement that takes root very fast and a lot of it seems to think that others should willingly provide benefit regardless of what is offered or, what else is offered. Someone the other day complained that when they were in need I didn't send them Steem but I talk about charity. What they don't know is who else I do help here - entitlement - they think they are the only one deserving and that my wallet is an endless pit.

As I see it though, in time there will be an increasingly precise balance found as the platform and the users upon it mature to the paradigm shift that is happening. There will always be high, low and no earners however because, no two people are created equal and skill, market preference and effort in as well as many other factors will play a role.

There is a future here for those willing to rough it in the present.


In the last week I have an 80 dollar post and a few one and two dollar posts.

You just never know what's going to tickle people, my 1100 word piece today has brought in half the rewards of yesterdays effort that was half as long and a just a trip to a junk market.

There is a future here for those willing to rough it in the present.

There is, and I'm doing OK, but are you willing to attract other's who are not blogging that you know personally? In the past I have tried but they never stick due to lack of tenacity, and I am now tentative about inviting new people.


At the moment it is hard to bring consumers in as there is very little to consume that is original to Steem. I see the entire crypto industry as being in a foundational/ gathering phase but eventually, it will infiltrate so deeply that it is adopted unknowingly.

When it comes to what gets rewarded, it is rarely down to "quality" but it might be down to interest.


I see the entire crypto industry as being in a foundational/ gathering phase but eventually, it will infiltrate so deeply that it is adopted unknowingly.

I hope you are right, I get spells of burnout but it doesn't appear to effect you at all. Tell me otherwise?

When it comes to what gets rewarded, it is rarely down to "quality" but it might be down to interest.

Perhaps, what I write about can be niche at times, but does encompass photography which appears to be very popular.


I hope you are right, I get spells of burnout but it doesn't appear to effect you at all. Tell me otherwise?

I don't burnout from Steem so easily I guess because the last few years have been so heavy personally. I find Steem relaxing :) I also am pretty pragmatic on the future, despite what many may think. I see this as less risky than many other activities people spend their time and money on. The riskiest investment anyone can make is wasting their time.

Is this bad? Is it wrong? Is any of this Fair? Should it change?
No, to all of them the answer is No. It is just how things work.

It is the way things work, but that doesn't mean it's right. Or that it shouldn't change, IMO. I mean, of course people get depressed when they get that 6 cents and I don't think it's an entitlement issue, but purely about fairness. I mean, why does my post on which I worked for 2 hours get under 10 cents when other people get tens of dollars for posting the same content or shitposting? Simply because they're old users or that they once earned someone's appreciation?

That's not right. I mean, that right there is entitlement, not the 2 cent guy, but the same big folks who get the same good rewards regardless if they post quality or crap. And that should change, because it's a rigged system and why would new people invest time and effort in something they perceive as rigged?

It's a mouse on the wheel situation. Because I, as a new creator come on this platform and see how much money the trending posts are making. And I think man, if I work hard I can acheive that. But that's not true. because those folks on trending (the posts that aren't pumped with bots) are on rich people's auto-voters and as long as they continue posting, they will continue being on those voters, even if their posts are shit. So the new user, who was willing to work and try and make it up there eventually gives up.

So, I think that should change. That it would be beneficial for the platform for it to change.

And it's not just about manual curating. I mean, sure, there are big accounts that do employ manual curators and that actually help small accounts. And that's great, it's really encouraging. And I think the good part about those accounts is that they don't focus on the same 10 people, as most accounts here do. It's more equal opportunity.

Should some Steemians focus in being Content consumers and leave meaningful comments in other Steemians content?

Excellent question. I really do look forward to the next two parts. Hmm I think it depends on whether the person feels they have something to say and if they feel that something is worthwhile, you know?

I think the ones who are making 6 c a post now and being consistent will see the post rewards eventually go up. They need to make them interesting though and not just posting about their drugwars battles as there is no future in that. The ones that are real and make things interesting will do well eventually. Steem is at 40 cents or so so now, when it is at $10 in the future those that are creating interesting posts will benefit immensely.

any vote they get, is one cent more than what they would get if they did the same on Facebook or Reddit.

Not so much Facebook or Reddit (or even Instagram or Twitter) or experimenting (I pretend I have a clue what I'm doing but I at least have a result in mind XD) but this is me XD

deviantART has got many accounts that have exactly no artwork, they were created so people could follow and comment on their favourite artists and collect favourites, and dA is very definitely targeted towards content creators, so absolutely no reason whatsoever why people couldn't jump on here purely to follow their favourite people and comment and like/upvote their stuff.

Well once they get over the new account RC thing anyway XD

My approach has been to engage actively by commenting on content that I find interesting and providing knowledge. I also like to curate new users quite a bit. I do it so I can let then know one way or another that the content is being read and appreciated. An upvote is great but seeing a relevant comment is sometimes better as it engages the two parts and could lead to something more. As I often say, it is the intangible part of the rewards that will generate value here over time.

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I remember that big delegation and the excitement i got after gaining one of your votes. Getting $2 here as a vote seems to be like $20 in the real world.

It's hard to get and if and when you do it seems all that more valuable. Interesting stuff, and very targeted in some ways ..

A Nordic girl posing naked for her camera and bringing their audience deep thoughts with her erotic content.

You are quite bold to say some of these things, not as this example but some of the others. I do agree with it though.

I think we need more manual curation. If I had more voting power and SP I would curate, but at the moment my vote is just about 1 cent, I have most of My SP delegated to projects and communities I support.

And as you say, it's not easy standing out. When I started back in early 2018 I had good luck because my first de posts got good votes, that really motivated me to continue and now I'm almost 65 rep with more than 2,750 SP. My goal is to reach Dolphin Status by October of this year or even earlier.

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I beg to differ boss. Having said that, like 90% of current active users are here for the quick "money" by creating content, another 5% are investors which also here for the "money", and balance would be like, they heard about the "money" but they don't really know how to deal with the social part and forgotten why they're here.

Which leads to your write up. There are other type of author in here, like gamer and stuff. First day I saw @acidyo posted about #drugwars I was like, why? Another dApp games? And now, every average Joe posting and boasting about how great a battle they flight, not forgetting they spent a fortune to upgrade their pantheon just to earn an upvote.

At some point, everyone wanted a piece of it, including you and me. When "money" could no longer satisfy, people power down and leave. What's left behind are social people who really give a damn to what they have written and care to mingle around. Make friends, comment each other's, find similar interests or attraction together and enjoy each other's company.

There's only this much content consumer, probably less than creator as I know some of those talented mofo are literally sob. Throw a good piece up, state that take it or fnck off. They don't even bother to reply comment. Usually, they gain some traction after being voted by community trail, and later on died off. Who wanna give a damn to people like that? Don't you agree?

Why am I writing this comment? Sorry man, not because of the 30¢ upvote. You can do it with 3¢ I will still write a comment. Wait, if you're doing 3$ vote, I think I will separate each paragraph and make it multiple entry, don't you think?

Have fun and sorry for being long winded.

P/s: I got a second account, which I decided to move all my #dtube there, guess what? There's nobody watching over there 😂 not even dtube I believe.

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Personally I think some of those bigger accounts need to spread the love around a little more. I think there are a lot of great content creators out there, but they are not able to grow because everyone is focusing on the big dogs. If the big dogs would change their routines just a little and look for some of the smaller account to support, those smaller accounts would eventually become big dogs and the cycle will hopefully continue.


How many 1$ vote @anomadsoul can do in a day? Let's study that 😂 very quickly we realize, it's impossible to use that to get rich. Nope I didn't look down on anyone. My vote only worth less than 6¢ 🤣

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Hello @anomadsoul.
I like to read and comment.
To heal the content.
and as you explain, the support that other stemians have given me,
comes mainly from this activity.

Fulfilling my healing route. :-)))
Vote your publication, return it and share it on twitter.
Happy life.