Designed New Origami Model

in #origami3 years ago (edited)


I designed this after the previous fold, inspired by origami hydrangea and the square tessellation, it was very fun to fold, this one was using a 64x64 grid. Here are some other angles:


You can push it down


Back side


It's hard to notice but the paper is very interestingly layered one on top of each other in the middle parts, here's a close up of one edge


I start at the middle and fold outward corner by corner, here's the model halfway done. Looks fascinating,as I'd it's not from a single sheet of printer paper.


The top model took a couple hours,I also made a smaller one with a 32 grid


Also,I'm actually posting a needleworksmonday post tomorrow

Thanks for reading :)


This is awesome @ivan-g I love that it can be pushed down. It looks like its a lot of fun :)

If you ever feel like trying

A 32 grid isnt that tough,

So you start just like the video, make the middle square. Move out one space and do the same,watching out so that all the layers are flat :)

I apologize for missing this reply. I have been playing with the square twist tesselation since you posted and It took a while staring at the crease pattern but I did manage to work something out and I have made a shallow reversible bowl which I will be posting the instructions for soon.

awesome, looks nice ^^

That is so cool. @ivan-g

Thank you :D

That's an awesome model, @ivan-g. It reminded me a bit of an Aztec pyramid.

Thanks :D There is a simmilar looking aztec pyramid origami by hyo ahn. * mine's cooler though :p *

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