Organ Harvesting in Haiti: A Webb Companion and Alternate Theory

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First, I want to say that this is just a working theory and I’m not accusing any organizations, employees or specific individuals of being involved in organ harvesting in Haiti or elsewhere.

This post is intended as a companion, or alternative, to George Webb’s DynCorp harvesting theory in Haiti. (See George Webb Day 97-102 on Youtube.)

Again, I need to emphasize how Mr. Webb has done an incredible job piecing together a cohesive theory with the help of his contributors. It’s really something impressive.

Finally, although I believe there are additional connections that tie into a broader international network, I will try to remain focused on Haiti and be as brief as I possibly can (no guarantees).

The Clintons, ICMEC and the Mayo Clinic

Hillary Clinton helped to established the ICMEC in 1999 in Washington DC. The ICMEC board of directors includes an impressive list of royalty, accomplished diplomats, heads of industry and philanthropists. Over the years, the Mayo Clinic has maintained a constant presence with Dr. Daniel Boughton and Dr. James Levine acting as members of the ICMEC board of directors.

Congruently, there also exists a relationship between the Mayo Clinic and the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI) partners with the Mayo Clinic in Northeastern Florida, just outside Jacksonville. The CHMI aims to improve the lives of the population of the region, including the wealthy Ponte Vedra Beach area, with special attention to the elderly and with special interest in ‘genetic medicine’.

Ponte Vedra Florida is home to the official headquarters of the PGA tour and the area includes a long list of retired professional athletes and former political figures. The average annual income of the residents of Ponte Vedra is well over $100, 000 USD.

About the Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic is a premiere US health care institution providing a wide range of health services across the nation. The Mayo Clinic operates in Arizona, Minnesota and in Florida. The Mayo Clinic boasts state of the art facilities and promotes itself as a ‘destination medical center’. It provides top notch services to US citizens and high profile foreign patients such as King Abdulla of Saudi Arabia and King Hussein of Jordan.

The Mayo Clinic has also received millions in donations from wealthy Saudi oil executive Tarek Obaid.

There are a number of familiar names on the Mayo Clinic’s emeritus trustees including:

  • Dick Cheney (fmr. US vice president)
  • Barbara Bush (fmr. First Lady of US)
  • Tom Daschle (fmr. US senator)
  • Tom Brokaw (fmr. NBC Anchorman)
  • Paul Volcker (fmr. US Federal Reserve)

The Mayo Clinic provides a full range of health services including; specializing in organ transplants, bone marrow transplants, cardiovascular expertise, blood transfusions and genetic medicine.

The Mayo Clinic website boasts that it’s the Number 1 bone marrow treatment center in the US.

The sprawling Jacksonville / Ponte Vedra campus has a primary care center, radiology center, dialysis center, transplant services and pediatric departments.

(Mayo campus, Jacksonville)

Bone Marrow Transplant Page

Mayo Clinic Celebrates 1000th Blood and Marrow Transplant

Arizona Mayo Clinic Celebrates 2000th Kidney Transplant

Mayo Clinic research into regenerative medicine and stem cells

The Mayo Clinic also partners with the several children’s hospitals Nemours Children’s Clinic and Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

Nemours Children’s Clinic has a Pediatric Heart Transplant Study

Wolfson has a joint adult and children’s center dedicated to congenital hear conditions.

In 2005, Mayo expanded its practice by opening a new Mayo Clinic office in Dubai, UAE. The clinic was located in the Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) but may have closed down operations since then.

Mayo Dubai Clinic

George Webb’s Working Theory

George Webb has pointed to a hospital in Mirebalais as a possible organ harvesting site. He surmises that:
• Bodies may be disposed of in the surrounding region by DynCorp/MINUSTAH forces
• The hospital may be shielded from prying eyes by Nepalese UN Troops.
• Because of it’s remote location it would be an ideal place where illegal organ extraction could occur.
• In addition, the Mirebalais University Hospital (Partners in Health Hospital) is perhaps best equipped to conduct organ removals.
• The victims may be kidnapped individuals, inmates from prisons such as Forte Liberté in the north, miners, micro-loan indebted Carcoal factory workers (women) or even possibly human trafficked victims from Africa who were brought to Haiti.
• Cholera may be used as a cover for bodies being taken out of the country.
• USNS Comfort, a massive US hospital ship, has also been identified as a possible method to have bodies (either still intact / or filled with drugs after being harvested for the organs) taken to the US where potential transplant recipients await. The Hospital ship would be stationed at Cap-Haitian or in nearby waters.
• There is also an airport located at Cap-Haitian.

Note: This is my condensed version of the theory, please forgive any important omissions.

Complimentary or Alternate Theory

The theory that I’m putting forth is connected to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida. Here’s what I believe.

After the earthquake in 2010 many aid agencies rushed to provide support and expertise to the people of Haiti. In hindsight, we know that many of these activities were not because of an outpouring of humanity but driven by greed and opportunism.

Since 1999, members of the Mayo Clinic have been providing medical assistance to northern Haiti. Teams of cardiovascular experts arrive to perform much needed heart surgeries and cardiovascular care to needy Haitians in rural areas especially in times of crisis. The cardiovascular team provided support and assistance to La Coeur Sacré (or Sacred Heart) Hospital located in northern Haiti.

The Cardiovascular team from Mayo form part of a group of a regularly returning medical team (CRUDEN). As described in their summary of operations their equipment is limited and they work hard to perform 5-6 open heart cases weekly.

(Mayo Team)

La Coeur Sacred is located in the rural town of Milot near the base of the mountain.

In theory, this location is well positioned to provide organs or bodies to the port at Cap-Haitian.

It is also in a remote location and located closer to the Caracol Industrial Park, Forte Liberté Prison and the port city of Cap-Haitian.

Granted, the facilities are meager but if open heart surgery can be performed here than organ extraction would also be possible.

Theoretically, this location could reach ships docked at the Cap-Haitian port much quicker than from Mirebalais. Of course, it could also simply provide a second location for organ harvesting to occur.

Webb’s Theorizing about the USNS Comfort

The USNS Comfort is an enormous floating hospital (hospital ship). It was in Haiti before the 2010 earthquake and also provided assistance after the earthquake.

George Webb and his contributors have theorized that USNS Comfort could be an effective way to transport bodies (and potential body parts) out of Haiti.

It has been suggested that, the US government (perhaps CDC, or USAID) could claim bodies in suspected cases of cholera as a cover to implement a body removal scheme and later harvest the organs.

This theory is grounded in the fact that USNS Comfort has operated in and around Haiti, the Caribbean and South America over the last decade.

Also, it is thought that the hospital ship would transport the bodies/organs to Port Canaveral, Florida.

I did a little search for information that helps track the whereabouts of Comfort in the Caribbean in recent years.

Wikipedia actually provides a decent timeline:

• USNS Comfort arrives in Haiti from Baltimore on January 19th, 2010
• USNS Comfort treats 1000 Haitian patients as part of Operation Unified Response
• Comfort completes its mission on March 10th, 2010
• Comfort returns to home port

In 2011, USNS Comfort returns to the region with scheduled stops in several countries including Haiti.

Mayport, Jacksonville Florida

The USNS Comfort has a history of making stops at the Mayport Naval Station, Florida.
In 2007, Comfort took on supplies at Mayport while enroute to provide aid and assistance in the Gulf coast after Hurricane Katrina.

In 2015, Comfort traveled to Haiti as part of Operation Continued Promise before making stops at both Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (2days) and again at Mayport, Florida (1 day) before returning to home port.


Let’s review, the Mayo Clinic has numerous facilities in Jacksonville and many of their services are related to organ transplants, bone marrow transplants, blood work, stem cell treatments and ‘regenerative medicine’.

The Clinton Foundation has a CHIM partnership with the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.

We also saw how the Mayo Clinic has a tradition of sending cardiovascular teams to the northern part of Haiti.

Finally, the USNS Comfort makes stops at Mayport Naval Station. Mayport is located just outside of Jacksonville and is less than a 30-minute drive to the Mayo Clinic.

Finally, remember this is only meant as a complimentary/alternative theory to Webb’s brilliant investigation. I do not claim to know if the Mayo Clinic is involved in organ harvesting or purchase of body parts.

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Finally, someone put Webb's extremely informative rants into something I can digest. Awesome job, this is some great work not only by Webb but by you as well. I have been waiting for someone to organize his work into something I can decipher. I will likely reference this article in my documentary I am working on when I cover the DynCorp thing and George Webb. Peace! Def Re-Steemed and Upvoted 100%.

Thank you @titusfrost, it's not easy to absorb the totality of what Webb is proposing but I felt like someone needed try to break it down. Well, at least the most recent revelations, there is so much to this investigation it really is mind boggling at times. I'm glad you find this article useful and will incorporate it in your doc, cheers!!

Great work! Like Mr Webb, I started finding all this info when investigating the Clinton Foundation. I started researching them (Clintons) in the 90's. They will do ANYTHING for money. The purpose of a foundation is to help people by providing financial and other types of aid. The CGI started buying bogus AIDs vaccine from a disreputable pharmaceutical co. in India and selling it for a profit in Africa (where AIDs is rampant). This is how they operate...on a cash basis. They did the same in the Balkans with DynCorp harvesting organs. The value of the Clintons in this globalist scam is Bill's genius at hiding money. He started as Gov. in Arkansas (where I live) with the ADFA (Arkansas Development Finance Authority) a scam to distribute tax revenue to his cronies. The Clinton Foundation is a money laundering scheme for companies like DynCorp and others...including foreign nations.

Thanks - this is great stuff and so well-presented. Hope to read more similar.

@titusfrost, @v4vapid, @richq11,
Thank you gentlemen for keeping the research alive. @ausbitbank included. I think by this time next week, we will see dozens of arrests in DC over this whole episode. IF we don't start seeing arrests by that time then I am glad to know you guys as I feel this will be full on War. The Clintons MUST go down, IMHO. But then again, I'm just one of those pesky pleebs that wants to see justice delivered to the real enemies of humanity.
Kind regards.

This comment aged well sir!


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