A beautiful Plant is Like Having a Friend Around

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If you wonder where I have been?
Well, it´s not that far from my computer, but I´m busy with my work and my hobby.

My hobbies are all about orchids and tillandsia plants and, my diamond painting, which is time-consuming and great.

About my orchids. I am converting my orchids in water cultured plants,
It took some time before my orchids are used to it.
As far as I heard water-cultured orchids would give a lot of flowers and, orchid roots are very decorative in any way.

Anyway, have you heard about Tillandsia, it is quite amazing.
It doesn´t need soil, less water consumption, and no need for roots.
It´s an air plant. They are taking their food through their leaves.

I´m sharing you some photos of my orchids and tillandsia.


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