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in orange •  last year

I had to share this with you, without fearing being ridiculed the truth is I believe in alien life and have been witness several times over the course of my life to events mostly unexplainable.

My first sighting was in 2007 and together with my wife we saw it, as my hairs stood on end and I felt fear and awe. The following morning I started to google about the orange lights and discovered the they had been seen crossing all of Spain and portugal that same night.

The second time I saw the lights was also around the same time same everything only this time the lights travelled in a diferent direction.

Well last night was the third time that I witness the orange lights in the sky. Just before midnight last night my friend @cryptonetwork and I stood on my balcony in the same place where I had my first two sightings and spotted several orange lights moving in diferent directions in the sky line. This lasted about 7 minutes in this ocasion there were few lights and far between, in my first sighting I could see probably a hundred orbs all flying in a similar direction. 

I do have to say this last sighting they appeared to be larger than the first two times.

I managed to take a picture, its dark and with my phone all I could manage was this picture.

Have you seen orange orbs in the sky? They arent fire flies or anything else that could posibly make sense. 

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Pues si @mallorcaman fue unos de los acontecimientos mas bonitos que hemos vistos juntos de nuevo esta vez esas maravillosas luces naranjas fueron mejor vistas y con un color naranja muy fuerte en movimiento intentamos gravarlo de hecho lo hicimos pero yo cometi el error de creer que estaba gravando y lo unico que estaba haciendo es enfocandolo,hubiese sido un video tan interesante que ahora me siento un poco mal por no poder compartirlo con todos vosotros que lastima ,menos mal que se realizo una foto,creo que esta imagen fue de la tercera luz en total fueron 3 luces naranjas ,un gran espectaculo en los cielos que se repite de nuevo y estoy seguro que hubo mas personas que han podido verlo,para mi ahora es un gran placer de poder compartir solo la fotografia y vuelvo a recordar el error que cometi de no gravarlo y darme cuenta que solo enfocaba ahora me duele muchisimo,creo que fue la misma emocion una gran energia se sentia al pasar esos objetos delante de nuestros ojos
Tambien os quiero compartir un blog con estos mismos avistamientos que hemos podido recopilar de una manera personal y tambien de otras personas que viero en su dia estas luces naranjas en los cielos:

I have been 2011 for 3 months in America and I saw a lot of light phenomens in the Mojave dessert and in Sedona/ Arizona.
Great shot with a smartphone.