A missed opportunity is sometimes not the best opportunity

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When we miss our first opportunity most of the time we think this is it I will never get this opportunity again. keep pursuing other avenues and never give up , remember that all opportunities always comes three fold, good, better, and best.



Everything happens for a reason i will always put that on my mind.. if i miss the first oppurtunity i would always tell my self this isn't for me maybe God will give me something better. Dont lose hope, aslong as you give your everything on pursuing what you Love, give your sweat, time, hardwork, life on it and i promise you more opportunity will be knocking on our doors. And dont forget to Trust God and ask for his guidance.. cant wait to read your next motivational post sir. :')

Great response

Good remember that all opportunities always comes three fold, good, better, and best.

Good job I like it

Thank you very much!

Sure. It is not always about the opportunities, it is most times about how well we're prepared for these opportunities.

Nicely stated. Each day offers a different opportunity good, better, and best! The best can sometimes be found later. Thank You for sharing!

Sorry just getting back to you better late than never, thank you.

Life is good.... Very good

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