In The Wild 💱🍦🌹🛰🍰📡

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There are two languages🦄 the language of the Wild🌹 images feelings emotions🌈🌀 and the language of the civilized🌬 language writing and digital communication🌝 then within that context there are many more languages such as the language of speciality☃️ the language of philosophy🦉 science👀 engineering🌹🧙‍♂️ specifying in an intricate way that things work🌈🛸⏳

Even the hunters send friendly messages when their stomachs are full🎵🐺It seems like the hunters are always thinking about the hunt🎈 sometimes it's easier just to lay there then to try to get up and do something about it 🌋🚢

interpretation by our brain's nervous system of energy patterns translates into an experience in reality👀 insofar as we experience it🎵 and this is the new paradigm of quantum entanglement🍦 superposition🍼 and infinite possibility which is now filtering through into our consciousness🧠🦉 we are receivers that experience information📡🔬💡

Everything is engaged in the transfer of information from cell biology and chemistry to the movements of the stars and galaxies🌠 we are all connected while being separate at the same time⌚ containing a holistic record of everything all the way down🔔 as separate entities we form relationships through culture🎈 and this is both the same in the wild as it is in the measured Society of civilization☔🌈

A picture in a picture🎈 transferring information amongst itself🎈 propagating consensus🎈 Crossing boundaries of informational mountain ranges contained in cultural belief systems☔🌈🌝 algorithms swim in nature through the cosmic ocean of life extracting in exchange for information the physical properties that nourish and sustain life processes🌊🐳🌈

In the wild the animals don't require the logical kind of thinking humans are so fond of💱💡 instead images are transmitted in the imagination by thinking or visualizing the salient points in the information communicated♻️🌹

A horse🦄might respond very well to the image of a carrot🥕 projected in mind🎈 especially in the mind when it's backed up by a carrot🥕 in the pocket👩‍🌾👨‍🌾 Logical thinking is another sphere of communication that is more definite when reductionist aesthetic component is present📶 while engineering aspects of reality work very well in a reductionist view♻️ light switches on and off🎨 electrical charge powers the networked reality☔ functioning at higher and lower energy states👀 current represents activity and the transfer of information🔌🔮🌹

in the wild individuals are subjected to short life spans🐘 unpredictable food supplies🐧 and a general sense of insecurity🌟☔ So clever humans have forged methods from the imagination🧚‍♀️ and considered inventions and understandings of mechanical processes so that engineering can be placed in a way that benefits the subjective whole of the individual and creates an outlet for unconscious reasoning👀🧠🦉

There are dangers to being Wild, Peril is everywhere and the pressure that we feel to survive is ever-present reminding us in the moment that we are alive and conscious of our awareness. there seems to be a trade-off🛰 a reciprocal relationship🌹 between our awareness of the moment and the eminent possibility of transcending this reality to another form of consciousness🧠🦄♻️ When separated from the receiver interpreter what is left is the field of all possibilities, the possible in all capitals that represents parallel experiences to the infinet that experiences all possibilities in unison and is represented by the superposition in the quantum🦄👀🔮

Levels of consciousness are emergent because they are already present both above and below🛸🗻 This synthetic evolution of conscious awareness is held dimensionally separate from this perception of reality that has settled upon the timeline we are experiencing⏳🔜

There is a strange fuzzy line between the receptive state relative to a radio receiver♾ the person individual agent that is listening🦉 that is also separate from the broadcaster🐘 while still coexisting with other🦄🎵 This paradox of unity and separateness shows there is both a smallest and largest of possibilities🥕 and these possibilities🔜 which broadcast as information🧙‍♂️ our humans minds collect from infinity♾🔜🗻🛸🧚‍♀️ both here and in the wild🦄🎵☃️🔮🐘♻️


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