Why Singapore's president is an indigenous "Malay" (Many feel that they are strangers in their own homeland.)

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Why the current Singapore president is an indian malay

note: English is not my native language and i'm not writing to pass exams, just write for own reference

I think this is still news, as a Malay who currently is writing this on a immutable blockchain, I find there's a need to cut the bullshit!

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These insecure feelings are further heightened by the recent policy of bringing in throngs of Chinese and Indian immigrants from mainland China and India respectively, to achieve a target of 6.5 million citizens by 2020.

It's a political move, Halimah Yacob won the presidency without challenged and the majority stupid Singaporean malays are happy!

Why are they happy?

Because in Singapore race still matters and this is like watching Obama won the election, unlike Obama (English mother tongue) in Singapore not everyone speaks the same language, this tiny island is actually more polarized than USA.

The Malays in Singapore are like the black people in the USA, only none of them are billionaires perhaps just 1% are millionaires (cold hard cash)

Why do i bring this up?

It reminds me of a Malay proverb "Menang sorak kampung tergadai"

"A Singapore Malay today in educational standing, in terms of skills and wealth, is better off than a Malaysian Malay or an Indonesian Malay," he said.

This is how politician talks comparing Indians / Chinese in US/HK/Oz (Singapore is a developed country) with Indians in India (in this case the Malays in Riau island of Indonesian)

If you want to measure or compare, compare nationally not comparing the salary of someone in Bangladesh and someone in Switzerland.

Did I read somewhere Singapore is the Switzerland of Asia.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 9.03.17 PM.png

Yeah then Malaysia is what? Germany? or France? it's not even a developed look at borneo LOL, yet compare to make Malay Singaporeans feel good LoL

Swiss neighbours are of about the same level development wise and Singapore neighbours are developing countries, of course on average Singapore Malays are better off.

That is simple logic.

Yet Malays in Singapore are so stupid they bought that notion by those manipulative politicians.

You know history comes in a cycle and hopefully when the time comes this will still be around since it's on the blockchain as future case study of how the Singapore Malays was conned to feel good against their neighbours.

Hey it's my opinion, whatever it's worth, machine learning will do something with this metadata.

reference: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/232860109_Rethinking_the_Malay_Problem_in_Singapore_Image_Rhetoric_and_Social_Realities1

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Assalamualaikum @n-nur, apakah anda Melayu?