#OpHumanAngels Chalk With Me in Glen Margaret, Nova Scotia (Also it's my first time using "Beneficiaries" on STEEMPEAK.com!!)

in ophumanangels •  3 months ago

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Before I get started on the #ophumanangels action today, I have to tell you how excited I am about "Beneficiaries" on #SteemPeak. Now when you make a post using this awesome new interface for the #STEEM blockchain, you can directly give a portion of the post rewards to the Steemian(s) of your choice!

Of course @steempeak does a much better job explaining the how-to of it, and they have more awesome updates too, so be sure to read >>> 20 NEW UPDATES TO STEEMPEAK.COM THIS WEEK

My Beneficiaries for This Post

Screen Shot 20180909 at 9.25.40 PM.png

#SteemPeak for being so awesome and The Human Angels of the week: @phoenixwren who did 2 random acts of kindness, @khackett, and @taliakerch have blessed our blockchain as well, here are their awesome #Ops:

Chalk With Me In Denver: I Forgot To Turn On Actifit Edition By @phoenixwren

Angels Are Among Us By @taliakerch

Random Acts of Coffee By @khackett

Chalk With Me In Denver: Ice Cream Emergency Edition By @phoenixwren

I hope you have a chance to go see their #ophumanangels actions and give a little encouragement and support. We need to share the good in this world...people are going to find out, there is a LOT of good happening all of the time, contrary to what the media would have us believe.

My Journey Today #ChalkWithMe


I Left A Trail of Hearts

Screen Shot 20180909 at 10.38.47 PM.png

I live out in the country, yet there are many people who walk up and down our beautiful road...I hope someone is looking down...(and not at a smart phone).

Screen Shot 20180909 at 10.44.32 PM.png

That one I didn't have time to colour in, a car was coming. There is like no concrete in my community, no one really even has a paved driveway. Finding good canvas is tough.

Screen Shot 20180909 at 10.43.46 PM.png

I Have A Canvas in Mind

Screen Shot 20180909 at 10.44.00 PM.png

I remember, the bench at the Church on the Lake is on nice newish concrete!

Hmmm...what to write...what to write...

"What if We Love Instead"

Screen Shot 20180909 at 10.44.20 PM.png

Thank you for joining me on yet another day #STEEM Fam, I hope you enjoyed the actions everyone took, and that it brought a smile.

OpHumanAngels Philanthropy.jpeg

Remember, if you do any random act of kindness, or know of someone doing wonderful things, write about it! Tag it #ophumanangels! Let's raise the vibes of this World. Let's share the good. Because there is so much...so much...

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I will have to get you a huge bucket of chalk from Dollarama


I'm still working on a big bucket from a couple years ago, I need to up my chalking game!

Looks like a fun way to spend an afternoon/ day!

That'd make a great day out with the kids too.

Maybe a whole class load,

Even a school load....


A school load would sure be one hell of an awesome #op! We've brought the children with us many times, they make the bestest art to go with the messages!!

#ophumanangels ALL THE WAY!!!!! It's so fun & wonderful to see these #randomactsofkindness here Thanks for this compilation Lyndsay! i still need to check out steam peak. Sounds like a groovy ui.


#STEEMpeak is awesomely fabulous, but like anything new, it takes some time and practice to make it feel like home, I'm about 75% transitioned over now! I'm glad you liked everyone's #ops this week Jill!!!


I am enjoying it too!! I just don't see how to redeem steem/sbd & sp rewards. I will attempt a post by it soon! Walkwithme & ulogs in the works!! But, it's crazy how much i miss my 'normal' (steemit website) eventhough this is a lot smoother and fancier


Are you using a phone or a computer?


Always my phone 🙈 i am trying to switch to my laptop. I am so lazy i just keep using my phoooone!

I need me some chalk! Great job, @lyndsay!

Steem peak needs a mobile app! That is so cool that you can select beneficiaries on there. Thank you for making me one, you're the best! ☺

I love the trail of hearts! 💜💜💜💜💜


You are so very welcome <3 <3 <3 Thanks for kickin' ass!!


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I'm so glad you are always speeding the love and joy everywhere. I like this friendly chalk graffiti that instills hope.

I'll have to check out the beneficaries thing, but even time I turn around there are more ways to use and share steem, which is great, but I wish there was a 'steem black and white' that was like the stripped down easy to use and allocate sort of thing. Too bad I don't know enough about blockchain and such to make it happen ;)


I have a feeling one day soon someone will develop an interface that vibes with you, the rate of evolution happening right now is stunning!

A wonderfully uplifting blog @lyndsaybowes I love your thought provoking and inspirational gifts you bestow on anyone lucky enough to come across them during their walk in your neighbourhood. I think I will go out and buy some chalk!


I think I will go out and buy some chalk!

Oh my goodness *squeals!!!

Perfect morning message for me - really like what you are doing and so in the light direction.

Excellent friend, @lyndsaybowes.

#ophumanangels thank you so much for the information

Love the way you compose your post.
They are worth following.
Keep steeming

Right on!
Hahaha! makes me laugh out loud just to think about being a chalk walker!

Aw, thank you for making me a beneficiary! And that is SUCH a cool feature! It will definitely make fundraisers for fellow Steemians easier!
LOVE your chalk message and the hearts! "What if we love instead." The world would be a much better place!
I wonder how many of your neighbors wonder who the mystery chalker is. And how many of mine do! LOL


I wonder how many of your neighbors wonder who the mystery chalker is. And how many of mine do! LOL

That is the kinda crazy cool thing about it eh...

Also, we don't know how many lives we've touched. That's why I celebrate so much when I see the reciprocity happening in your neighbourhood, like that sign that was left for you that day...or when people started leaving their own rocks! :D :D


Ikr? Me too. Every time I see it spreading like that, I get happy. ^_^