Ranchers in Tucson Arizona area tell their story of what really takes place at the border. Operation Backyard Brawl update and their attackers.

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This is a video from ranchers who live on the land in Arizona where the VOP is searching. The video link is at the end of this synopsis which includes statements made by the ranchers themselves. These ranchers have lived on the land for years so can give an eye witness account of what takes place between the border.

You will also find an update to the VOP, who is attacking them and a Qanon mention an attack group considers a negative. Not a negative unless you are one of the asleep!

Various ranchers speak on this problem. One talks about growing up on the border and ranching. He said, "it was interesting to never see, hear or think of anyone being out there in that remote ranch. And then as he was getting older to realize there were 200-300 people going through there.

Another rancher tells his story that 20 to 30 years ago, there was a steady flow of illegals coming through their ranch. They usually would ask if they could give them a couple days work. Whether or not they were going to go further north, they'd come over and work for ya. There was nothing extraordinary about it. It wasn't a big deal to go across the line, it wasn't a big deal for them to come over here."

"And then in the 80's it started changing." According to rancher John Ladd, San Jose Ranch. "There would be 300 a month and every one of them wanted a drink of water and directions."

Dave Alta of Altacosa Ranch says, "they always kept a can of spam and bread."

The according to John Ladd, "in the 90's it was 300 a day. And they just stole stuff and broke stuff including cars, trucks, saddles, two horses, he did say he got one back. What's happened since the mid 2000's, the cartels took over the human trade as well as the drug trade!"

He says, "that's what the whole border's about, is just money! Ya know, it isn't about immigration, it's about smugglin' "

Nothing like hitting the nail on the head from someone who has lived, walked and experienced what goes on between the border first hand!

I would wager no one has heard these rancher's stories on MSM. I don't watch much of their propaganda so I could be wrong, you let me know. I would be happy to be proved wrong on that, because they Should be talking about this on their "tell a vision box" and in print. Is there any honor among journalists these day? Just curious.

Dave Alta states, "smugglers are not people ya want to run out in the middle of the ranch. We think on our ranch there were six murders on the ranch itself. We have a tree that was previously called, locally, a rape tree. A high percentage of the women are raped in the process of crossing the border. And their underwear is draped on trees to demonstrate how macho the Mexican was that led them across the border.

He goes on to say, "It takes a particular bad mindset to do things like that.

To see evidence of this found by the VOP among other items that prove this trafficking is occurring you can go here https://steemit.com/pedogate/@artistiquejewels/abandoned-camp-in-tucson-az-discovered-by-vets-on-patrol-a-complete-overview-with-photos-and-links

John Ladd shows how they cut the wires of the fence and destroy the concrete just large enough to get what they need to get through including trucks so no ladders are needed. The concrete doesn't have any rebar so they can just score the edge of it.

They have permanent and portable cameras, radar units and none of that has worked because there isn't enough border patrol to respond to the amount of traffic thats coming through.

Ladd states, "this isn't a humanitarian deal anymore, ya know, this is securing the border. And ya have to act like it's a military exercise."

Another rancher named Reed Thwaits says, there are definitely two sides to the story. One side is working the ranch outside with his hands. He sad, "it's kind of like living the dream and it's what he always wanted to do and it doesn't get a whole lot better than that.

There other side is, there's criminals coming through here, smuggling drugs and smuggling people. All the criminal activity that goes along with it."

"The ranchers are waiting with interest to see what happens with President Trump," says Dave Alta. "The number of illegals coming through now, there's been a big drop at the time of Trump's election."

John Ladd agrees stating, "This is the best it's been in years!"

The video ends stating, "in 2000, the border patrol apprehended more than 600,000 people crossing the border in the Tucson sector. By 2016, the number had dropped by 90%."

The mainstream media and news outlets won't tell you these truths. They won't tell you what people who have lived on the land for years have observed. Why do you suppose that is?


Monty Zbo Zender came down from Alpha, a smaller camp and not yet self-sustaining, gave tour and live feed from their operations base of Bravo.

Citizens against Veterans on Patrol actually manipulated the gov.into cutting off their mail. Their mail includes support to homeless vets. They have told them they are scammers, and they are willing to show the Inspector General where they are not embezzling or using the gas cards inappropriately. They run search teams 3 times a day searching for drug mills and traffickers. Only way to stop it is to get boots on the ground. Border Patrol can’t handle it themselves and this is backed up by ranchers who have lived on that land for at least decades!

The police department can’t handle it, they don’t have enough people. So they’re attacking the people actually doing something instead of being keyboard warriors.

Some are trying to get away from their drug dealer or pusher. They have open transparency and have made it clear they are trying to stop the trafficking through their borders.

Monty gave a tour of Bravo Base and spoke with Major Harrison, who is the commander of Bravo Base.

Admits he got kicked out of Bravo Base for breaking the rules.

Shows the accommodations.

Head of security tent and addresses those accusing them of

Overwatch tent for those who come asking for help or questions. CBI, primavera and discuss people’s problems so they can help them.

Recreation tent,

Medical tent, two doctors and nurses to treat homeless, underprivileged and residents at Bravo.

Showed tent where the veterans sleep and was sure to point out they are not living in luxury, nor are they wasting resources.

Personally I fee it is vile that an organization pushing buttons on a computer, while posing as an organization “trying to help,” would have the audacity to attack people Who Are Actually Physically Helping!

They have a holding storage facility for couches, tv’s etc. and when the homeless veterans get housing they can help them furnish it.
Chapel, a pastor comes in every day to talk with people, help them with problems and benefits.

They have 44 people on base all

Charging area connected to solar panels

Pantry used to be twice the size, due to heat they downsized to about have and donated to other rescue mentions. Otherwise food will cook itself in cans before they can use it due to the heat in the tent.

This guy giving the tour had to come to Bravo base for water since the Citizen’s against VOP cut off their supply line. He showed all the water donations and they only take out into the field what is needed. Alpha base is a small base and not yet able to sustain itself.

He talked to one of the vets named Fred who lives in one of the tiny houses they build for them in transitioning to more permanent homes, He asks Fred what he thinks of Citizens Against VOP,

They are not doing anything illegal. They just want everyone to secure their border so the trafficking will stop wish is harming these victims.

They put 25 Veterans into housing every month, yet this org. Is cutting off their supplies.

When asked what people could do for them, if you live in the area and are willing to take packages and have them delivered to their location. Once they have met you and vetted you, they could put up your address to have packages sent to your address so there is a drop off point.

If you can deliver food, water, ice and gas cards to keep power on as many have power chairs to get around. Due to heat, keeping the wheelchairs motorized so they need to charge them. They also have to keep the generator running for the chill hut in case someone is getting to hot, they can go in and chill off for a while, then go back out for searches.

Number of homeless vets on base at time of video 22. The rest or at risk civilians which can encompass a variety of circumstances. If someone needs help, they help them.

In this next video, Citizens against VOP, whose Facebook page can be found here,

They had this video on their page as if it is evidence that this group is doing something untoward. Upon watching the entire thing myself, as I have done with much of their live feeds, all it does for me is verify they are about Helping and are actually Doing rather than bashing a group by sitting in their air conditioned homes and clicking or tapping away at their device in an effort to disparage hard work.

In other words, sanctimonious, hypocritical armchair attackers, who could be providing actual help for this victims, but would rather stroke their ego’s and false claims in a social playground of a “unified Soros style cause!”

This group actually thought they had a leg up with Thinking people when they pointed to the fact that Lewis talks about Qanon. Of course this is just one of the many mainstream propaganda groups intent on trying to discredit a group trying to expose the criminality of the Deep State and Cabal. So not surprising they keep trying to discount this patriotic group filled with people intent on saving our country by the work, acts and efforts of We the People!

Lewis states in this video where he mentions Qanon, there are other groups down there beside VOP and they are not doing live feeds and not trying to transparent. They have been down there for decades.

He says they have found two trafficking stash houses and the VOP being in the valley is hurting their income.

Always follow the money trail!

So this is why the VOP has so many naysayers and attackers. You hit on the truth, you attempt to take their source of greedy racketeering and profiting, they will start figuring out how to attack and of course distract by blaming President Trump for an issue they created, as purposefully so!

He points out that, “those saying they are protecting human rights, but when you allow these kids and people to come through and be trafficked then you don’t have any property rights!”

Personally, I just see people allowing this as complicit! They are perpetuating this human trafficking which involves children, as if the women victims isn’t enough, just as satan always does, they try to take advantage of God’s most vulnerable creation.

Abused even by the cartel themselves, who boasts about the rapes and hang personal clothing items from their rape victims on trees as evidence of their conquests as trophies. See one of my first articles or video reports on the VOP going through what was found when they came upon children’s items scattered among items used in the sex trade. These people are Sick!

This group is actively working with the ranchers living on the land trying to secure areas so these cartels and coyotes don’t just have open access to bring these victims through. It is the dirty, little (actually quite large) secret of elites in government. They know and want this to continue because They themselves pocket a great deal of profits from the illicit trade of both drugs and human trafficking.

What are your thoughts about this group? Have you watched some of their live feeds yourself? What about the ranchers? Do you live in the area or what are your thoughts about their stories? Please let me know in the comments below. Godspeed!

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