Witness Voting, OpenSeed and OpenLink

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Hello Steemians, two days ago I, and a few other Steemit Team members announced our resignations from Steemit. In those announcements we all mentioned needing to take some rest because, well ... we were all extremely exhausted.

Since that announcement I have received an unbelievable number of well-wishes and concern for my well being. This support means the world to me. It was wholly unexpected and I can't express enough gratitude for it. I appreciate all the positivity and assure you that I am doing quite well.

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Witness Voting

One of the things that has me energized and excited for the future is seeing the community galvanized around the Witnesses and protecting this blockchain we helped build. If you haven't already, please head on over to steemit.com/~witnesses and vote for a Witness that you know to be human.

While the circumstances may not be ideal, I take great pleasure in knowing that this community is finally getting the recognition it deserves as a real force in the blockchain space.

OpenSeed & OpenLink

One of the questions people have been asking me is what all of this means for OpenSeed & OpenLink. Well, it means that I'll have a lot more time to nag @bflanagin and @brklyn8900! We will be moving full Steem ahead with those projects, so if you want to help us move even faster, be sure to vote on our SPS proposal.

We have total faith in the Steem community to get through this struggle, but regardless of what happens with the Steem blockchain, we are committed to delivering an open source application development platform and encrypted messaging application that is built from the ground up to meet the needs of Steemians.

Stay Tuned

@roadscape, @vandeberg, and @gerbino are some of my favorite people in the world, and now that we are no longer employed at Steemit, you better believe we're talking about what is next for us. All we know is that there is no community we'd rather be a part of, or develop code for.

So be sure to follow @openseed, @vandeberg, @roadscape, don't forget to vote on OpenSeed's proposal, and of course ...

Vote for Witnesses!!!


Hey Andrew a strong move from all of you. Iam really wishing you all the best and I believe that with that kind of unique skillset that you guys got a lot of projects will stand in queue for you to maybe start there.
All this project work can be totally exhausting so pls take your time and recharge your batteries.
All the best

Thanks man, appreciate the support

Thank you Andrew for this strong support from you. You have made a great effort and you are planning these strong projects. I hope to achieve more desired goals and move towards success more and more. Good luck my dear.

I have been mostly silent during this whole Tron fiasco, mostly because there isn't much I can do to help and I walked away from Steem politics in 2018 shortly after my team presented at SF3. This decision had nothing to do with SF3, but rather some other other nastiness in the community that no longer seems to be crippling the judgment of any current leaders.

However, I've always been here, quietly working away at a project I hope will eventually attract more mainstream users and blah blah. You and I have talked about it. We're still in the game, just waiting to see if we will eventually have to rebrand. I certainly hope not.

I do want to tell you, though, that when I first considered getting a Steem account way back in the by-and-by days, your YouTube videos were some of the first I watched on the subject of Steem. So you've been a "staple" for me that pre-dates my actual onboarding experience with the platform. Since then you've always been here, and it's good to see this post making it clear that you intend to stick around regardless of employment factor with Steemit, Inc. Well, Steemhouse Publishing and I, as well as our small staff of editors and other folk, are planning to stick around, too, unless it becomes sadly clear that it's pointless and everyone on the platform leaves. So let's build something new from all of this, shall we? I'll be around, doing the usual. Thank you for everything.

Hi @rhondak! Nice to see you are still around. I'm glad you're still working on stuff here and how's TARC doing? I hope the need for it is starting to die down but I imagine it just stays the same like here.

You bet I'm still around. Well, at least I'm around on Steem. I ended up having to leave Appalachia completely. I'm living in Morocco now, but TARC still exists. We're re-branding to "Transatlantic Animal Relief Coalition" and working with some locals and a group called ERHAM on the Atlantic coast with TNR programs for both cats and dogs. I haven't posted about it on the Steem TARC account because of the Tron kerfluffle. I'm not taking any chances with more content just yet. But, long story short, after I released "High Kill," hostility got so bad in Southwest Virginia that I had to leave. I would have died there if I hadn't. I know I would have.

Holy shit. That's insane.

Morocco though. That's pretty awesome. I love Casablanca and thought I would visit but what are the chances it still looks like it did in the 40s? Although the movie was probably not really shot there.

I was pretty underwhelmed with Casablanca when we landed there. But I didn't see much of it. We drove through quickly on our way south. What I saw didn't look like the movie, for sure. I'm pretty sure it didn't look like it in the 40s, either. LOL

However, El Jadida is gorgeous. So is Sidi Bouzid, where we have a house. There is a post with pics on my blog from a couple of weeks ago. :-)

In other words, you guys go way back.

No, that's not really accurate. I've just been aware of his contributions to this platform even longer than I've been part of the platform, and am really glad to see he's not gone.

That's good. And keep up the good work.

I know you haven't technically been away, but it kind of feels that way, and with that I say it's great to see you back @andrarchy. Very glad to hear that you're still doing well, as if that's a surprise. Can't wait to see what you have in store for Steem!

It was a bit dicey there for a few days 😂

Lol, I meant while you were working for Steemit. Your blogging became a bit sparse compared to the early days of steem.

That is awesome news. Maybe this whole episode was needed to truly decentralize this Blockchain. What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger! 😎

Today, we mourn because of Steemit. Tomorrow, it will surely be the reason why we smile. Because, what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger. Love you @andrarchy. Keep pushing. Don't get tired. And this involves all other steemians out there. Tron might be doing many things now, but if we continue to push hard with wisdom, Steemit is climbing despite all odds. Get on, guys. Love your move @andrarchy. Bye.

I really appreciate that. It means a lot to me. Thank you

Can't say enough of how much respect you've earned in the past few days with your actions <3 Can't wait to see OpenSeed develop further AND the future plans for you and roadscape, vandeberg and gerbino :D Cheers!

Thanks so much for the kind words @soyrosa 😘

Thanks for everything you've done, and continue to do, to help the Steem community @andrarchy. 😊

Thought this might be a good place to share this too... 😉 😂

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A Cat Skunk haha.

Awesome news ! Seeing this strength and love in the community makes me know we are all part of something really special . One important thing about social media is that it always have to bring something new and exciting to the table, and it can’t get stagnant, I guess we can’t complain about that here on the Steem blockchain hehe.

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