My resignation from Steemit

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I have resigned as Head of Communications for Steemit. I’m going to take a little time to gather my thoughts and get some rest. Hope we can Steem On.


Thank you @andrarchy for everything you've done for Steem. You were one of the first connections I made on this chain and you've been one of the most valuable members of the Steemit team.

Hey Andrew! Sorry to hear about this. Must've been a tough call to make.

Thank you for updating us and more importantly for your contribution and all the effort you put in to help steer things around. Much appreciate all your effort brother. We're here for you man.

Probably not too tough of a call given STINCs participation in a hostile takeover of the network today. But it is good to see that the takeover is obviously not supported by @andrarchy or @vandeberg given their resignations.

Now here's to hoping for a more decentralized chain run for and by community that can employee these two individuals in the future to continue their great work.

But can it become more decentralized if witnesses leave? Are we losing decentralized witnesses? In other words, how many witnesses are owned or somewhat connected to Sun, etc?

how many witnesses are owned or somewhat connected to Sun

I believe just 20 (currently the top 20). You can see which witnesses these are by looking at the witnesses @dev365 has voted for at These sock-puppet witnesses are @car2001, @respect888, @paintingclub, @toke2049, @onestepaday, @bostonawesome, @nicetry001, @waitforyou1, @jumphigh, @flyingfly1, @aheadofslow, @happylife123, @hunger365, @cloudysun, @night11pm, @agirl10000, @coronashallgo, @high46, @eastooowest, @goodguy24

But can it become more decentralized if witnesses leave?

The community-elected witnesses will not leave. Either they will regain control by getting more votes, which has almost happened or there will be a community fork where users decide to adopt a version of the blockchain without Sun and the attackers.

So, in other words, we have seen Steemit staff resign but many or all of the former top 20 witnesses continue(d) to be witnesses, that is their servers are still running. Is there only one official website for voting for witnesses? I've voted before like two years ago. Do I have to vote again? Does my vote expire? Do we have like elections, like terms of like two years or something? I am guessing not. But I could go back and look at my votes. I voted for Jerry. It appears his name was crossed out. So, I probably have a few free votes, assuming I can only vote for like 30 witnesses.

Is there only one official website for voting for witnesses?

No there are many sites, because voting at the end of the day is just a type of transaction on the blockchain. Here are some sites you can use:

Do I have to vote again? Does my vote expire? Do we have like elections, like terms of like two years or something?

Votes do not expire, but you should use more of your votes. There is no downside to voting for multiple witnesses. I'd recommend voting for all of the community witnesses that are close to surpassing the sock-puppet accounts.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

Another option is to vote by proxy to a user like @theycallmedan. See his post at

The benefit of this approach is that you only have to do one action and your votes will update whenever @theycallmedan updates his votes. Hopefully he will keep them updated to which witnesses need them most.

How many witnesses can you vote for? Up to 30?

Go vote for the witness from 21 to 41

is there an official website for witness voting?

You and @vandeberg were the faces that made me believe in Steemit Inc. as not some evil corporation, but as a company that had people who actually cared about what was being built here. Steemit Inc. will not be the same without you and probably won't get much support from the community going forward. You two are going to get lots of love from everyone though. :P

🥺 i didn't expect from you any way you make good for community thank you 😊

Respect man.

What a fucking shit show.

Were you forced to resign or was it your own decision?
I've seen that Vandeberg stepped down too.. Is Justin cleaning house or are you guys just sick of his asshat shit?

Anyways man, thank you for your service to the blockchain.
Best of luck in your future endevours.

It was my own decision

Thanks for the answer captain.

Power to you. Stepping away from this shitshow will likely add years to your life. Good luck to you in whatever you do!

Holy shit. Thank you. For all that you've done and for taking a stance. What a sad day for #Steem. As I said to @vandeberg, I wish I could hire you myself. Please don't be a stranger - and take a good rest. We'll #SteemOn, however that's going to look like from now on.



Damn bro! Thanks for everything you did for the steem blockchain. :(

The reason for the resignation is pretty clear. The Steemit team bought by Tron was not informed about the block chain take over (all top witnesses are installed from Tron with the help of the SP of the bigger exchanges) a few hours ago. So now we know that Steemit didn't know about it or was forced not to communicate that. And it's not a good sign for the announcements planned for the next few days.
What can we do? Everybody who has STEEM on an exchange pull it back on the steem blockchain into YOUR account were you control the secret keys. I'm curious to see what will happen if everybody tries to transfer his/her STEEM. Spoiler: The exchanges have powered them all up. So they can't give them back to you! They make their business with your SP.
! Please take control again about your STEEM, login to your exchange and transfer your STEEM to your steem account.

Have you written any posts talking about this? Excellent advice that I wish more people would consider. But many are a bit too unaware of what exchanges, like centralized banks, do with our dough.

Not yet - but I will do one.

In light of recent events this would be the right choice imo! Rest up, reflect, keep your head up and come back stronger.

Damn man.... you represented what was right to me about steemit leadership. This is a truly sad day for me and so many.
If for gathering those thoughts....if a vacay is in the cards... i got your back... mi casa es su casa...hit me up without hesitation!!

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