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RE: OFFICIAL: Open-Mic | @passion-ground's Top-5 Entries for Week 84

in #openmic3 years ago (edited)

Have done my homework to vote pfunk long ago.
Loved lillys entry well deserved, only her second and what an entrance on steemit, lovely voice she seems very sweet too. Really a fav for me this week.

I was impressed by Luis skills at looping, best of lucks everyone


So nice of you to say, @yidneth! And thanks for giving @pfunk your support!

Oh my I was correcting my typos, I have muppet fingers on small phones ;) sorry ❤️

haha... No worries... I like "muppet fingers!" :-)

I really have lol... ;) Sing muppet songs sometimes... Muppet voice too... Deep wisdom in the muppets honestly...

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