STEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK 101: Queen of Her Realm (Original song) Unplugged right from Nature

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Hello my sweet community of @openmic Here I am again after an hiatus participating with my original song "Queen of her Realm" recorded last Monday 3rd of September while hiking outdoors... It's been a while but you know I have never left my open mic community even if I have not participated. Life was hectic and health was frail. Still I intended to join again to celebrate the 100th week but I was dealing with a cold and I am one week belated. I had previously participated with Morning Light (week 78) and Flame (Week 83) and now I'm sharing an original song that will be part of my next album Fear no More. Though the final song will have another vibe and more complex instrumentation, I love to hike and sometimes I carry instruments with me...
I love to play in Nature... everything is simpler... it feels that way... it has to be...
And my excuses for my awkward speaking intro. I think I hurried the words too fast...

This is a very unambitious yet honest raw take while I was playing for some friends visiting. They are listeners and we were meeting for the first time. In fact the lovely spiral bracelet was a handmade gift from one of the girls. The background noise is the gurgling creek, actually a very famous place in the local region as it's full of legends of Nymphs gatherings... ;-). So hope audio quality is enough but hoping you feel the spirit! :). We used a portable Zoom recorder only. Thank you very much @hedac for helping me to film

Also thanks in advance to all the team that makes open mic possible, to host @luzcypher supporters @pfunk @aggroed and @curie.
And to all the judges @meno @krystle @passion-ground @verbal-d and @soundlegion
And luck to all my fellow artists participating.

We are all Queens and Kings of the worlds we create

The song (lyrics below) is about being in our own universe, the worlds we create, sometimes we are at the risk of become isolated, and even vanish to the real world a bit too much, but there, in our imagination there is a place where we can be whatever we're meant to be, we can become, we can channel who we really are. The song is not about me but about "Yidneth" the lead of my graphic novel, but she's a character so loved to me now hat became almost an alter-ego. And a metaphor for my own way of thinking and feeling.

Above, one of my own illustrations where you can see "Yidneth"



romantic summer day - by priscilla Hernandez (

Once there was a girl
a creatures so strange
and always so quiet
and she she learned how to shield
so No one could ever
delve in her thoughts
So she roamed like a ghost
barely a sigh,
barely a shadow,
and in time she became invisible to the rest of the world
But when she's alone leaves swirl
and clear her path
and suddenly above
clouds shift in fancy shapes
But when she's alone
she gives in her careless flight
amidst winged things
chanting her name
Once there was a girl
always so shy, always so silent
as though she couldn't dare
to lift her frail voice to utter a word
She's not taunted by fear
that noone else cares
for the things she has to say
she just holds to a dream
that's become too big
for her little hands
But when she's alone
her voice is a beam of light
that suddenly soars
firm and clear as the day
But when she's alone
she gives in careless flight
thus she became the Queen of her Realm
Ahhh.... Once there was a girl
and when she's alone
she gives in careless flight
She was barely a ghost
barely a sigh
barely a shadow...
and in time she became
invisible to the rest of the world

Recording Location: Hike to "Infernuko Errota" Mill

harpsicle harp nature - by priscilla Hernandez (

Above, me playing my harp while filming this open mic outdoors using a portable Zoom recorder

If you watch the video, at the end you will find a little vlog about our hike to reach the location in Etxalar (Navarre, Spain). It was last Monday 3rd of September and I had a few fellow friends visiting so we all wore black and picked a famous witchy location in the woods. Here in the North of Spain and Basque Country there are countless legends about Sorginas (witches) and Anjanas (Lamias or Nymphs) and the location chose was a XIX century Mill that was built over a pond where countless regional stores tells of sightings of "Anjanas" (Blonde nymphs with goose feet). The walk there is really beautiful.

So I have been hiking lately carrying my harp as a companion... I love to bring at least a flute or my windband to the woods and you can usually find me me musing there like a bard or a fairy minstrel... The weekend before we had picked another location that ended up in a very tortuous trail and many hours carrying the harp... hence we chose a shorter one this one, barely half an hour walk from the Etxebertzeko Borda, a restaurant / farm in the woods that in the 2000 restored this abandoned mill built in XIX (Carlist era) that was clandestinely during Spanish Civil War. The Mill crosses over the famous/infamous pond so I decided spontaneously to record an open mic entry there thus the loud water noise but happy to share music from the wild. Because this is also a facet of me... I'm a minstrel... :) Like @meno called me once, a "bard"... So this is a quick one take, honest, raw and does not reflect the complexity of the song (as it has many instruments and harmonies) but the chill moment in the Summer forest, playing for my friends. Of course we splashed and soaked our geese Anjana feet in the creeks afterwards.

Here a few shots of the hiking trail and the Mill

infernoka  - by Hector Corcin.jpg


mill - by priscilla Hernandez (

molino del infierno sorgina - by Hector Corcin.jpg

Your fellow fairy minstrel... Pris :)

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Official site


Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator

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Beautiful @yidneth. I love visiting your posts as there is so much artistic expression in your writing, your sound, and your visual art. Thanks for that peaceful sound--your voice is an amazing accompaniment to the water. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much... water was so soothing... I was feeling it flowing on my my barefoot while playing... Nature is very healing... it's a very unpretentious version, the studio recording has so many instruments but this was just me, the water, my friends and that moment. Glad to share.

Such a natural you are. I too connect deeply with nature, and am blessed to be barefoot on the soil and breathe fresh air with her as my lifestyle. I can feel your enjoyment of, and passion for creation. I am grateful to know you are dancing on that space of the earth and gracing it with your expression.

Aww such a beautiful comment, resonated in me like gurgling water and hissing leaves. Just back from an off grid day. Fed the deer and walked through the greens. For me Nature is mybway to ground and heal. I never liked noisy parties, for me this is my quiet fun

Nature is the pathway to many secrets of the Universe. Super grateful for connection and too the blessing of peace and serenity she offers. Soulful on many levels!

Nature is home...
it's overwhelming and beautiful...
but Nature is also us....
Thank you!

Here we are!!! <3

Oh Pris this is my favorite thing ever yet from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ It is heavenly.

Thanks always for your support my sweet friend, hope @hedac and I can kidnap you one day and show you the mossy forests, and be barefoot bt the creek, and forage wild berries. ♥️

I love this. Like tears, love.

And this bit you wrote, below? Hits me right in the soul.

We are all Queens and Kings of the worlds we create.
The song (lyrics below) is about being in our own universe, the worlds we create, sometimes we are at the risk of become isolated, and even vanish to the real world a bit too much, but there, in our imagination there is a place where we can be whatever we're meant to be, we can become, we can channel who we really are.

THIS! ^^^ So well said, my sister. Take care of you. Thank you for playing your harp and sharing your song. 💖

Thank you so much Katrina, I am really honoured you feel moved by it... It is a special song for me too. I do sometimes feel that way

I love seeing you in nature, you look like you are home, in your natural environment. Lyrics are lovely 💚

Awww Petra, thanks so much, by the way I'm writing an article about High Quality feeds, I got a delegation for a month so I'm doing some curation, stay tuned cos you're gonna be mentioned as one of the examples of good blog feed :)

Soooo magical and how i said, i love the way you play the harp and your voice is so fairylike. And you fit perfectly in that beautiful nature. :)

Thank you for the lovely compliment :) I am self taught at the harp so I don't play it the conventional way :) but I'm really honoured you like it :)

El equipo de @votovzla de parte de @enrique89 quiere felicitarte por tu gran talento, eres un angel.

Muchísimas gracias compañeros, yo nací en Canarias, allí llamamos a Venezuela "la Octava isla". Gracias por el cumplido de verdad. Yo soy de España, pero os sigo de vuelta porque de verdad creo que tengo que interaccionar más con la comunidad hispanoparlante... he de hacer la tarea ;)

your images are top notch. and your song is exquisite my dear fantasy goddess

Thank you so much for the sweet compliment

I loved the beautiful song and especially how you played the harp while singing. It seems beautiful places there and nice photographies too. All the best @yidneth

In Nature is where I feel most at home. Thanks for the listen. Glad you liked it ♥️

wowwwwww so beautiful - I loved the way you could hear the water in the background! so alive and real :)

beautiful job!!!

Thank you very much, I was afraid it would engulf me a little because I only used a portable recorder with batteries. Inlove hiking so this usually happen and many songs are born this humble and natural way.

Ah, I feel so fortunate to see and hear this song of yours. Seems so intimate to me, like finding a fairy in the forest. We are so lucky to know you here in the #openmic community, sister. Such excellence in all you share. I'm appreciating the outstanding camera work too, including the video, audio, and photos. So very pleasant, imagining these lush green places you invite us into. Thank you. ✨

Aww thanks so much :) for the lovely compliment, the final version will be so different but this is a humbler rendition... I do love to hike and I do love to bring instruments with me, for convenience it's usually my flutes or a wind band I chant along with. Actually it was a single take of video and audio unplugged... but I was having a great time with my friends in the green :) Tomorrow is again off-grid nature :)

I could listen to this again and again! Such wonderful photography too, @hedac!

Just one take and simple portable recorde, but the Summer forest is so pretty, thanks so much Kimmy.
We both miss you tons
A hug

Tiiiiiighhhhhhht lol huggggggggs

This is pure love Pris 💗 grá íon

Uncomplicated and honest, just sharing what I love doing the most.
Breathe the outdoors
Thank you heartily

Just too magical Pris!
Thanks for the beautiful music!

Thanks Darren, and thanks back to you for exactly the same thing

@yidneth I congratulate you, it's a pleasure to have you so intimately, your music and voice are wonderful, it's a feeling of another dimension listening to you live with your harp, this presentation is unique, I'm very happy to see you, greetings and success, you'll be the Winner of this week, although I know you are not looking for success, your quest is to share such great natural beauty and your music.

Thanks very much for your lovely encouraging feedback. I usually hike carrying a musical instrument, mostly flutes. Inlove Nature and being inspired by it. This is my home

Wow. This may be my favorite song of yours. And the lyrics are such a beautiful story ❤️

Thank you so much... The produced version will sound so different, but this was an spontaneous take out in the beautiful wild. Actually it talks aboutb"Yidneth" whobis not me, butbI guess when I sing I become her avatar. I shared a proper vidroclip last week over here, this is simple but heartfelt.

This is absolutely beautiful - so moving and bittersweet. I feel like you've hit the reset button on my spirit today with your stunning voice and playing. Thank you so much for sharing.
E x

Aww thank you so much for listening. And yes song is kind of bittersweet, I am really honoured you liked it, I know it is simple, just me unplugged.

You unplugged is just about as perfect as it can get. It shows your beautiful talent and spirit. I hope you feel completely better now? E x

awww sigh, not quite so... still coughing a lot... in fact I know a couple of points in my singing where I was keeping the cough LOL... but will be good in no time, thanks for caring.

Ooh there's nothing like keeping a cough held it- makes your eyes water and you feel like you're going to explode! I can't believe you managed to carry on singing- I'm so impressed.
Look after yourself, sending so much love and hugs your way,
E x

So very beautiful and enchanting, Priscila! <3

And I'll echo what many have already said in the comments... Having the water sounds in the background was a really nice effect.

Have I told you that I really envy the place where you live?? I believe I have, hehe ;P ... You should definitely do more of this type of thing... Raw songs out in the woods... Gorgeous!

A warm home for all Steemians. Join us =) We have apples and cookies!

You get bonus points for performing in nature :) If you don't win, I'm flagging @meno :P

Awww, I was not even recovered from my cold, there a couple of notes where I know I was fighting the urge to cough but I thought... but tssst :) It's not meant to be perfect, just convey the "minstrel bard" spirit :) and fought the perfectionist Pris, just to share this moment :) I was there with some friends carrying the harp (again) LOL and I thought why not... It's very unambitious uncomplicated version of the song, but it's a version of my music that usually happens haaha XD as you know I get off grid quite often. Thanks for the animated gif... loooooooooooooooove it :)

What a beautiful song. You choose great spots in you song. Represented very well @yidneth

Thank you, I was hiking with some friends and I happened to have the harp... but well sometime things get simple, as they are meant to be.

Very beautiful song! Really kind of music I love. Wow, the harp is so nice. I was fortunate to play few times with some harp players (mostly with Raphael Pinel) . It has some kind of magic that few other instruments have. I'd love to hear the more elaborate version on your album.

Thanks @shephard It was hard because in my mind this song has like three lines of harmonies and so many instruments (at least in the one in progress) and all I could feel is what it was lacking LOL but honestly it was a fair, honest moment by the creek (I usually hike with at least one instrument) as I had some friends visiting and played for them.I was even recovering from a cold... but I'm happy I've finally beaten my perfectionist self and just share a candid and not perfect take doing what I love most... getting lost in the woods.

You an surf back in my feed, there are some videoclips down there and you can make an idea... a quick glimpse can be seen at if you choose the official videoclips (there are simpler recordings too but there are some official releases as well there)

Thank you for the links. I played some already. Amazing! So much work you must put into it. Impressive! But I did not see "Queen Of Her Realm" there. So I guess it's still not finished in it's more complex incarnation. I'll look for it in the future.

Thanks for checking, hope you liked them :). Yes, not many resources but we put lots of love and time into our work. No, I had not shared before Queen of her Realm online before, just played on concerts live, and will be part of the next (third) album. Thanks for the feedback, you're welcome :)

Excellent work, thank you for sharing your art, I love the interpretation, you have a lot of feeling in your melodies, I am new in esteemit, I will continue your work closely and support you in whatever you can, I am a musician, I would like to know where I can listen to more of your music!


You can look for my artist name Priscilla Hernandez on spotify/itunes/etc

My released albums are also available (in physical or digital) at my store

A first convenient stop would be and check on the section "Highlighted videos" then there are official releases mostly...

Thanks for following and for the lovely compliment :)

So hope audio quality is enough but hoping you feel the spirit! :)

More than enough :-) Thanks @yidneth and @hedac, for these moments of enchantment :-) The sound of flowing water in the background is perfect!

Yes, creek was murmuring its own words. You cannot see them but place was full of blue iridescent dragonflies. Everything was so quiet. Thanks for stopping by. ♥️

FELICIDADES, mi querida @Yidneth

CONGRATULATIONS my dear @Yidneth


Thank you so much ♥️♥️🐀

Awesome post!

Thank you 🐀

@yidneth, your song was selected to be part of the collection set of trading cards for the album of Steemit OpenMic.
Congratulations !!

read more about:

Hola, Priscilla, como estás? Lo prometido es deuda, vas a encontrar un comentario como el de arriba en cada una de las tres canciones con las que paricipaste en el concurso de steemit openmic.

Primer cosa: la imagen que usé de fondo para esta carta la saqué de tu post pero resulta que tiene una definición muy baja. Si tu quieres cambiarla por otra o tienes una copia de esa imagen en resolución más alta, pásame el link a la nueva imagen y con gusto haré el cambio.

Segunda cosa: fui a tu sitio web y quedé absolutamente fascinado con todos tus trabajos. De verdad que eres una fuente artística inagotable. Muy disfrutable la experiencia porque además se nota que cuidas de cada detalle.

Un abrazo grande,
saludos desde Uruguay

Priscilla Hernandez -harp -openmic101.jpg
Esta debería tener más resolución, tiene un pequeño watermark porque es como están exportadas las fotos de este tamaño en mi programa, aunque creo que lo puedo quita pero si no puedes recortar por abajo. No he tenido tiempo de mirar nada, XD yo misma no suelo juegar a juegos, y no estaba exigiendo carta ni nada, sólo bromeaba que en la primera selección no salía ya que bromeo mucho con algunos de mis compañeros como Serena o Pechi, y esta es la tercera vez que gano el concurso. Gracias por visitar la web, los videoclips suelen estar en Ahora marcho a Barcelona para una actuación así que hasta la semana que viene andaré poco por estos lares. Saludos desde vuelta desde España! :)

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Regards @yidneth

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Regards and believe me, this is the Future in Music @yidneth

This is awesome ... upvoted

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hahah It was off grid literally ;-) XD
Thank you!

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Thank you so much Isa... I just saw in your post... so deeply appreciated!

Wonderful images, beautiful lyrics, good music. It's very magical all together.

Thank you, Nature makes things magical... but hope to have a little bit of the credit too :)

This is just beautiful, breathtaking. The sound of your lovely voice mingled with the babbling brook is stunning.

Sounds like a Zelda's theme. Beautiful!

Ah pero tu eres de España y yo machucando el inglés contigo jajajajaja de verdad me encanta tu trabajo. Gracias por compartirlo.

Hahha Hola linda, qué fuerte, estaba hace treinta segundos en tu entrada y vengo aquí y veo tu comentario XD hahah sincronicidad :) Ya me había dicho Jose que habías tenido problemas con la luz en Maracaibo, porque me había percatado de que estabas posteando menos, me alegra mucho verte por partida doble esta semana...
Sí, puedes hablarme en español XD hahah aquí la comunidad hispano hablante con fuerza! Un abrazo desde este lado del charco, compañera!

los mismos buenos deseos para tí!

Quite enchanting and beautiful, Pricilla...
I loved this!

Awww Thank you... Rendition is humble and simple this time, unplugged just a battery recorder. I was genuinely hiking and me and my friends halted a little to play water nymphs. In the album it will have a fuller production but as I was singing it it struck me the lyrics also fit for a quiet performance. And here I was in my little green realm. It is funny other girls may carry fancy things in their purse, I do always bring a flute at least in it. Playing in Nature is rather healing.
Thank you ♥️♥️♥️
Tomorrow is Nature off grid day btw

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Thanks always guys for the recognition... I always love when you stop by!

purty ! I like it.. simple, fresh .. love the soothing sound of the water in the background :) . Some harp sounds , green color , a soothing voice.. this only needs alfajores! hahaha big hugs Pris!

Aww @pechichemena thank you
I did eat that alfajor in your honour
And I am ten pounds fatter and got a cavity but ate the whole of it.

Love your energy.


Beautifully done!

Thank you ♥️

great & impressive

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Oh so beaitiful ♡♡♡♡

Thank You.
I loved hearing an Angle Sing and play the beautiful harp.

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