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Thanks for standing up for music. In the real world I travel from state to state and find openmics. If you are aware most openmic type situations are obscure to say the least. Most are held on a off day and are not promoted. It seems that mainly it is a form of marketing and or self esteem about what you are producing.
Here comes steemit, a whole new way for a "artist" to convey and project there need to tell a story or a melody. In turn the "artist" is duly compensated, Or is that a false truth.
This is where the digital openmic is a blessing and a curse. You see it is not enough that you put your name on your writing and or video, you have to also pretty much give up your rights to get an audience. I am ok with pretty much all the rules except for the last one. That one took me for a loop. You see, I was under the impression that we want to promote Dtube and Dlive and IPFS. What we have on the last rule is a nail in the coffin of holding on to rights of a original thought.
I just submitted a video to the open mic sessions. Here I thought I did everything right to the T. Then I see the last rule......Must have a Youtube or Vimeo link!
I gave up all social media outside of blockchain. I am back to being a unknown, I guess.
I was reminded that out of 1 million users there are only 50,000 active. So, those active most all be in FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, VIMEO, GOOGLE
Bullshit I say!
I love open mic! I love open mic! I love open mic! I hate openmic! Let me openmic!


I love DTube, but we have that rule in place for a couple of reasons.

First, it doesn't always work. I have waited 10 minutes to hear a video posted to DTube and still didn't get to hear it no matter how many times I refreshed the page. Other times it would start and then stop every 3-seconds which makes it hard to get a feel for a song. Multiply that by 300 or more entries and it would be impossible to hear all of the songs or run this contest.

Secondly, to make the weekly post called See Who Played Open Mic we need an embedded video and DTube does not have that capability yet. You can see in my weekly post that some people who enter only show a link with no video. That is because they posted with DTube and did not add a YouTube link as well so their video is not shown. By adding a YouTube video as well it solves that problem and I can include them in the list of who played.

That's why the last Open Mic rule you mention says:

  • Even if you use DTube a YouTube or Video embedded link must be added to your post too

Once day DTube will solve these issues and when they do I will be very happy.

I support DTube and love what they are doing, but at this time we need a Youtube video (or Vimeo) included as well. Some people assume I have something against DTube but that is incorrect.

Here's me hanging with @heimindanger, the creator of DTube, at Steemfest 2 in Lisbon, Portugal


I share your disdain for the mainstream social media and also call bovine excrement on their tactics. Truth be told the only reason why we have that rule is because IPFS does not seem to work for everyone. Meaning that @luzcypher for example can't watch the videos. This may or not have something to do with the fact that he is a traveling soul currently getting baked by the sun's of Cancun, but the truth is that due to this simple fact we had to make this somewhat unusual rule.

the good news is

We do have a bit of a workaround. You might be familiar with the talented @silentscreamer she uses dtube for her entries but she also slaps a youtube link on them as well. The youtube video can be set to not public, meaning it cannot be found with a search, thus laying some of your worries to rest.

After the week is up, after the prizes have been announced and such, you could just as easily delete it and no one from the "overlord central" would be the wiser. You stuck it to the man twice sort of speak. Everyone wins, we all open cold beers and celebrate.

and.... #ilovetheopenmic

Well this is where we obviously differ in our stance when it comes to beating on the man. You see, I am well aware of what you have to do to get someone to stop playing your property. I went toe to toe with San Fran. They won, that battle...The person that took my property and capitalized on it...Still does it. On top of it all, it is ripe on the vine for all to take via downloadhelper. Isn't that nice.
So, yes...I could open a google account via youtube with the all in sign in to all of googles realm. The tracker is on as soon as you start with the first URL. I am not going to bore you with my heretical nonsense. Lets just say, that I am done with putting my "stuff" on private servers.
In a way that pretty much says the same with dtube. The memo says that they can not be viable with the current model with IPFS.
At least Dlive as been playing my videos. I just started putting my content on there for now. They have really been good with having my content stream at anytime.
Currently I am working on a full IPFS server, mind you I live out of a RV, I will be running the server 24-7 with my solar plant. We will see how this works.
I apologize for sticking my forked tongue out, I just have been really taking back by what it takes to get an audience on here. I do realize I am ultra new, but wow. It is not like I am retweeting or copying something directly from youtube. Or better yet, open a steemit account pruely to exploint people by saying they will promote you for x amount.

Long live music, long live run down flee bit bars that open there stages to all that want to release. I will raise a glass to the digital open mic, I just will not be there. Cheers