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imageHello steemian
meet again this week with me in the 92nd openMic challenge, I will follow the openmic challenge by singing the song "BINTANG KEHIDUPAN" Thanks to @luchypher who has made this challenge. Hopefully this song that I sang can make you all entertained. your comment, I can learn to be better, happy to watch.

thank you for the contest held by @luzcypher with sponsors @pfunk @ausbitbank @curie @aggroed and open mic judges @meno @luzcypher @passion-ground @krystle @verbal-d @soundlegion

Thanks For Visit My Blog @umartantawi07


hello buddy, i can see your stuff for open mic challenge this is cool and i love it. i will love you to join the music community and grow your network more. Join SMA discord server and mingle with blockchain artists...

thank you guys, how can i promote my music there?

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