Open Mic Week 71: Talking to Mary

in #openmic6 years ago (edited)

Hey Open Mic Fans,

Back again for Week 71 with an awesome Elliot Smith cover called "Talking to Mary." This song really demonstrates how great he was at combining melody between chords. A little tricky to learn this one but a lot of fun to play. Hope everyone enjoys! I broke a string on take one so I had to do a take two with an old E string I found haha. 

Have a great week. Super Bowl is looking like a close one!

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Awesome job @tfeldman! You always do such a great job of finding lesser-known songs to cover. I love it, because it usually exposes me to songs I haven’t heard before. :-)

Also, that was a SUPER close Super Bowl game! Not sure who you were rooting for, but I was pretty happy to see the Pats go down. 😜

Haha was good to see them go down. I’m from Indianapolis so the colts don’t like the patriots either!

Thanks for listening. I always enjoy playing some rare gems because it gets them exposed to a few more listeners. Cheers. Looking forward to listening to your entry.

I also write music but we have had so many rounds now I need some fresh material!

@tfeldman in the house bringing that good stuff!! mmm love your vibe everytime

Thanks @soundlegion. Having a lot of fun playing these rare ones. Always appreciate you takin’ a listen!

Excellent dude. Cool song choice. As @ coruscate said, you've got a knack for picking songs no one else is doing which is always great!

Thanks man! It’s been awhile. Steem is getting so busy now it’s easy to miss posts. Hope THE BIRDS are rocking it!

Nice melodies and passionate singing bro

Thanks! Good to hear from you. I remember the days when open mic would only have about 10 or so people...we were there haha! Hope you are well man!

Man, that sounds so good.


Thanks! I love this song. Always appreciate you taking the time to listen. His base melodies between chords are second to none.

You’re a blessing to the music world. Beautiful job
I have an entry for contest open mic week 71 too. If you’d love to check it out just click on my blog, it’s my lastest post thanks. You inspired with your singing

Appreciate the compliment! I’m at work but will check it out. Thanks!

You’re welcome, have a wonderful day at work

good stuff bro

Thanks for the support. It is a song that is so complex within its simplicity.

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