Steemit Open Mic Week 75 - Voices of The Open Mic (original song)

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Voices of The Open Mic (lyrics)

Voices of the Open Mic
Tell us your story baby
Voices of the Open Mic
Share your feelings

We were skydiving on the 4th of May
Crash into an internet café
Killed some birds along the way
Is that how we got our name?

A man asked us if we were okay
He said @luzcypher was his name
We both squawked "yes" alarmingly
He said "you guys sound good in harmony"

Doot doot doot doot do-do-do
Doot doot doot doot do-do-do

He said "I made this contest on Steemit
Maybe The Steembirds can play for it"
We said "Hey Steembirds, that's has a good ring"
And then we started to sing

Voices of the Open Mic
Tell us your story baby
Voices of the Open Mic
Share your feelings

My favourite part about Open Mic
Is singing songs and playing guitar
If we could change just one thing
It would be to add more crypto-babes

By the way and since you asked
Our favourite entries from the past
Are people who play covers of:
The Birds
The Yardbirds
The Black Crows
The Counting Crows
Sheryl Crow
...and The Eagles

Voices of the Open Mic
Tell us your story baby
Voices of the Open Mic
Share your feelings (2x)


Portrait by @artwatch

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Nicely done, guys, as usual!
There really are a lot of bird artists out there, huh?

Spread your wings and fly, rockin' birdies!


We also like Flock of Seagulls...


And The Wrens.


and Ronnie Hawkins...


Charlie Parker?


And the Flamingos.


Woow,,, very good musical


and The Dixie Chicks.

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aha this is amazing! You're a very helpful bot ;)

Sounds good... Waiting eagerly for video commenting songs...!


We're working on it 😎😎

You guys rock honestly every time is always something so catchy , steembirds flying high

is there a time when you guys dont knock it out of the park?



Haha, Thanks Meno! I thought this one really hit home ;)

I love the song guys. Very cool. You guys are so talented.


Love you guys!!!!!!

I'd like to think that you guys met during a skydive while Jaybird played guitar at a speed of 200mph and not a single hair went astray on Dan-atstarlite's head. ;)

Love it! You guys rock Steembirds! Cheers! :D

Outstanding music video . I enjoy it. Fun and enjoy the holiday. Ha ha ha. That's a original music. Thanks a lot for sharing.....

hahah It was really funny mates! Cheers and I hope that you enjoy the other performances as long as me.

Greetings from Venezuela,

Manu Rodriguez

Love them glasses and love seeing you guys have fun as hell :D Keep it up!


heh thx! Will do 😎

What a great subject I liked a lot, congratulations was great, luck in the contest, I also invite you to see my entry

Amazing video good music

this great music I like it.. resteemit

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Woooww. hahaha This is so good, and fine, and funny, and great, and all. Hahaha. Regards. I'm in the contest too.


Thx & good luck!

I just joined steemit, I think your post is very good, I will follow you, because I need you to add insight about this media.

Love it! 👌

Good post

You really know what you are doing by chosing music as a profession.
Music is good,yes I music is nice!
You got a cool sound and I wish you success on your way forward.

Wow,,, very good musical

This is great! so entertaining :D


Thanks, glad u enjoyed :)

God, you guys are corny. Let's party.