STEEMIT OPENMIC WEEK 86- "Shook" Original Song

in #openmic3 years ago (edited)

This is the first original song that I've entered into the openmic contest here on Steemit. It's also the the first time I've recorded an original and displayed it anywhere in a long time. Now I look forward to doing more of a studio recording as the song matures, (maybe with an intro?) once I get better at trombone. I've only played for a week or two but I really enjoy it.

Also as I was putting the video together I realized that I screwed up the shots for the guitar tracks and just got my stupid face instead of where all the action is (the guitar). Live and learn.

Here is a link to video and audio of my last entry (sans "openmic" intro) in case you are interested. It's a vocalise I wrote on the Jazz standard "Blue Daniel".

Dtube video

Dsound audio

Original Steemit Post


Wow!! I am so smitten with your music and everything about your style.

Jesus. That lovely picking after the line "would you put down that gun..." UGH FEELS. Straight to the goddamn heart.

Thank you for reaching out so that I could find you here. I can't wait to listen to more of your music. You're crazy talented. ❤️

Thank you lilly. You know i appreciate that coming from you. Maybe in the future we can find a way to do a colaboration :)

I would love that. I'm already harmonizing to all of your songs so...let's make it happen!

Awesome. I'll send you a message with my email through the wallet? I think thats how people send private messages here...

How about discord? That’s what I’ve used so far.

Keep shakin' it up "shook!" Nice production and performance, brother... Loved it!

Awesome. Thanks very much. This is the first tune I've written and recorded that I've been really happy with. Of course they never feel "done" to me. :)

Congratulations to you. Very nice song. I like it

Thank you my friend.

Wow, this is really great, every time an open mic happens, you bring something great, really great, I enjoyed it. Greetings

Thank you sir, this one has been a few months waiting to finally be finished and released. I have to say its especially satisfying recording trombone for some reason. The brass harmonies just pop when they start getting tight. Took some work though :)

Welcome to the Open Mic community! Sounds really good and your video looks really cool.

Thanks so much :) I am very happy to be a part of such an awesome community. I know it's about time I got an original up here. Best part is that posting this one really inspires me to get more originals finished. Covers are fun but originals are much more fulfilling and really give you a voice no?
Thanks again for the work you all do fostering this community, it is greatly appreciated.

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