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RE: STEEMIT OPENMIC WEEK 86- "Shook" Original Song

in #openmic3 years ago

Wow!! I am so smitten with your music and everything about your style.

Jesus. That lovely picking after the line "would you put down that gun..." UGH FEELS. Straight to the goddamn heart.

Thank you for reaching out so that I could find you here. I can't wait to listen to more of your music. You're crazy talented. ❤️


Thank you lilly. You know i appreciate that coming from you. Maybe in the future we can find a way to do a colaboration :)

I would love that. I'm already harmonizing to all of your songs so...let's make it happen!

Awesome. I'll send you a message with my email through the wallet? I think thats how people send private messages here...

How about discord? That’s what I’ve used so far.