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Howdy folks -
I recorded a cover of a song by @basilmarples which I'm sharing for this week's Openmic.


I was born on a mountain with a cross in my hand
My mother, she was beautiful, she died for the land
My father was a warrior, he fought hard for the cause
But all he was winning was a thousand empty wars

I was liked, I was loved, I was lifted above
I was lynched in the street like the rest
Dead was the sound as my lips kissed the ground
Like an angel returned to it's nest

I am rust, I am gravel, I am sound that won't travel
I am guts spilling out of a whore
I could lead you like ants to the kingdom of roses
And show you the shimmering shore

I was lit like a candle to show you the darkness
The faeces that clings to your shoes
But who takes the blame when the heat from the flame
Gets too hot and set lights to the fuse?

Your silence is golden, your silence is treacle
Your silence is filling the halls
Your silence is all that remains of your misery
It's dripping like sap from the walls

You could have been clever, you could have been colder
You could have been clear and away
But all you could muster was one little wimper
And now silence is all that remains

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i love this song! and i wanna say thank you for you comment on my LSD Christmas Movie reviews!!

i think it would be cool if you could start like a chane letter of you could subscribe to a set of post or something. i don't know just a way to follow but i guess we would neem mailboxes then,,, i dont know. i spend hours thinking about this steemit stuff. i like your voice much!


Aw thanks- this is my cover of a song by @basilmarples who left the comment on your post °•☆


well i am all sorts of silly confused and or but i love it! great song and great job with it! i will check out @basilmarmles and see what he or she is all about! happy music making and happy steeming!!