Steemit Openmic Week 99 - Sami D. Barid - Good Evening World - Original Piano Song

in #openmic3 years ago

I would like to introduce my new piano piece "Good Evening World". The name didn't come to me until after the video was shot. To be honest, a lot was improvised, but this sometimes results in the most honest things! I felt like I wanted to embrace the world before going to sleep and hopefully I was able to reach it with the created frequency waves that are supposed to put me to bed tonight. I greet you all and send you love all over the world. Peace. Your Sami D. Barid


And to intensify this feeling I wanted to show you two more pictures of me that I took in a small village called "Mimizen" on the French coast.
That moment was so beautiful, I almost cry just thinking about it.


Hey, I am a film composer and music producer. If you are interested in my work visit me on my homepage or contact me directly: [email protected]




breath-taking @samidbarid !!

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We love you too, Sami!
Another stellar composition and performance, my friend!