Steemit Open Mic Week 98, cover of Look Around by Blues Traveler by Rock Chick Jen!

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So... I know that this is a really crappy take and to tell you the truth, I only learned this song like 2 weeks ago, so I'm still getting it down. But I haven't participated in Open Mic in quite some time and I thought it was a great week to do so! I just wanted to show that I still support Open Mic, even though I don't get to enter as often as I wish I could. And participation is more important that winning, so even though it's not the best, I hope you enjoy it none the less! Sorry for my dog, Rhythm groaning in the background there at the beginning... she was napping on the floor and just decided to let her presence known! ;)

This song has been one of my favorite Blues Traveler songs since I was a teenager and I was so happy to finally learn how to play it. It just always plucked at my heart strings and the lyrics have always rang true in my heart.


Good luck to all the Open Mic entries! Rock on everyone!



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Thanks for looking and hope to see you again soon!

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YAY !!!!!!!!!! back in the swing of open mic, good to see you diving back in, you have been sayin you wanna for ages, good job on taking the initiative :)

and BTW you way too hard on yourself you did awesome on the track and the take , plus you always sayin you rusty on acoustic but you were on point right through. But i know we are our own worst critics ;) so i forgive you , lol.

For real though it was a great performance :) much love and big hugs in your direction.

Thank you so much dude! And yes we are our own worst critics... I always wonder if famous artist are the same way. Do they look at those professional pictures or hear the amazing music that we buy and think, "Damn I should have done it better..." Haha! I'm sure for the most part, all artist are extremely critical of all of their works, but I suppose that's what drives us as well. That inspiration to do better and be more than your limitations. ;) After all, if we weren't critical of ourselves then how would be get better?

Credit where credit is due :) Yeah i think we all look at what we do and cringe a little cause we pick up all the little things that "went wrong" and we think they stand out so bad, but really its just cause we know what we did and aren't happy with it, however, its just us nit picking ourselves and most other people don't pick up on it as they are enjoying what they are listening to :)

So very true! ;) Much love to ya dude!


Fuck yes! Winning performance right there!!

Haha! You are too sweet! Thanks dude! <3

Really love the way you covered it :)

Thank you so much!

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Awesome, great performance Rockchickjen :D \m/

Thank you Davooood!!! \m/ I heard the collab is coming along well! Can't wait to hear that! The intro was epic so I can just imagine what it will sound like all together!

Thank you so much Jen :D it's great that you like that too, we will make it perfect!

Love the Blues Travellers. They are so good live too.


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Dude... I can only imagine!!!! I would love to see them live.

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This is great, it's not a song I have heard before you singing is really easy to listen to and you have the lyrics down perfect.

#thealliance #witness

Thank you! The original is so very beautiful! The lead singer has an amazing voice and range. Plus, in their other stuff he plays harmonica, and does a rockin' good job at it!