OFFICIAL: Open-Mic | passion-ground's Top-5 Entries for Week 113

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Another great week of music as we head into the Holiday Season! Speaking of Holiday’s, I will be traveling to enjoy them for the remainder of the year and as such, I won’t be back to judge Open-Mic entries until 2019.

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In addition to @pfunk, I am also adding @curie, @fulltimegeek, @helpie, @lukestokes, @steempeak, @luzcypher, and @aggroed to my short list of “must-vote-for” witnesses who support the platform in general, and Open-Mic venue specifically.

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Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Steemit Open Mic Week 113

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# My Top-5 Picks in Order

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FIRST PLACE: @cristmounicou – Give Me Love - (Cover)

Crist’s cover of Ed Sheeran’s Give Me Love is simply outstanding! This production and group performance is stellar from top to bottom - and I’m giving them my top spot this week.

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SECOND PLACE: @joseacabrerav – Teoremas - (Original)

Jose and his bandmates killed this original composed by Jose! These guys are truly fantastic musicians and performers. For that and more they handily take my #2 spot this week.

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THIRD PLACE: @camuel - Blackbird - (Cover)

Okay, so I’m a sucker for Beatles covers… However, they have to be really good. Camuel delivered a truly outstanding performance of this Beatles classic this week and in doing so, he’s taken my #3 spot.

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FOURTH PLACE: @k0wsk1 – Traffic In the Sky - (Cover)

I love hearing songs that I’ve never heard before that I truly enjoy. I can be a tough sell on new songs & artists; however, k0w’s skillful rendition of this particular cover sold me straight away!

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FIFTH PLACE: @esthersanchez – Autumn Leaves - (Cover)

I’m an older dude – just turned 59 in September… This is my father’s generations music and I LOVE IT! Esther and her partner totally knocked this well-covered classic right out of the park!

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Peace, Love, and Justice for All

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Thank you so much for the nomination my friend, I really enjoyed every one of your top picks this week! Really awesome talent that we curate here on Steem, no doubt.

Big love, @passion-ground :)

Wow, really loved the performances this week. @camuel really nailed Blackbird, Jose's original sounded so good with all those musicians playing.

Everyone sounds so good, really. Hope you're having a good holiday season this year @passion-ground.

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Luzcypher's Announcement For Steem Witness

It's great to be part of your honor roll and to find myself among so many talented people! Thank you so much!!

@cristmonicou was amazing, and The master doing his music its also and incredible thing, he seems so connected to his music, ant the voices of you two girls are amazing <3.

Totally! it was like he was singing with us too.

I'm so grateful for this fist pleace, we have worked very hard and its amazing you enjoyed it!!

Felicidades a todos un abrazo.

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Yeah, I did... Fixed it... Thanks Chubby Checky! :-)

Lots of great songs

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