MARK YOUR CALENDARS: for the Open-Mic Mega-Mashup | Update #4

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ATTENTION: All Musicians & Performers

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Believe it or not, time is getting tight, folks! You know what I’m talkin’ bout! Yeah, you know - that little snippet of lyrics from Bob Seager’s Against-the-Wind, “deadlines & commitments.”

Well, if we’re gonna make it for the 2-year anniversary by week #104, we’re gonna have to sequentially meet some hard deadlines.

Everyone interested in participating in this epic mash-up, please review the production calendar below, mark your calendars accordingly, and hit me up on discord here >> passion-ground#5524 ASAP!

Yeah, even though I’m older now, I’m still runnin’ “against the wind,” pondering these current “deadlines and commitments" – "wondering what to leave in and what to leave out.” That’s what I’m all about right now. If you don’t want to be left out, and you’re down with running against the wind alongside the rest of us mashers, then do what you need to do to make this happen...

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...One Way or the Other

@pechichemena and I are 100% committed to making this happen and meeting all of the sequential weekly deadlines cited below. This means that if we must, we will track a weekly deadline ourselves if need be. I’ve already had to lay down a temporary drum track just so that we can move onto tracking BASS in the upcoming week.

Yes, this places an enormous additional workload on Pechiche and me, so I would ask everyone committed to participating to do what you can to clear your calendars to lay down a couple of quick takes during the weeks that your specialty is scheduled. If your calendar does not allow you a timely submission...

...Fret not however, It’s Never Too Late

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Unless that is, your creative’s arrive after September the 8th. For example, even though I tracked drums so that the project can continue moving forward on schedule, drummers can continue to audition their tracks to replace mine. The hard target ABSOLUTE DEADLINE for ALL creative deliverables (audio and video) is September 8th.

Pechiche and I do not want to be forced into rendering temporary tracks simply to meet the weekly deadlines, so once again, please, if you are able and committed, mark your calendars, - and please try your very best to get your audio tracks in on time within the weeks they are scheduled.

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right click image and select "open in new tab" to view full size calendar

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It’s My Birthday Too, Yo

Yes, one day following the submission deadline for the Open-Mic 2-year anniversary is my birthdate – September 29. I could not think of any better birthday gift than to have helped in producing this truly outstanding mash-up collaboration in honor of the Open-Mic!

We’re goin’ to a party-party in week #104 – so let’s have a great collaboration to drop in advance of kicking-off the start of year-3!

To wrap up, for all you Blondie fans out there, or for those who don’t know who Blondie was or what they looked like, this clip shows the band performing this post-related song. Enjoy!

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That’s right, One Way or the Other…

…We’re Gonna Gitcha!

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Hype! :) A big hug + thank you to you and Pechiche for all the hard work!

Thanks, k0w! Hope to see you for a track or two... :-)
You got an invite, right?

I’ll definitely record for ya’ll! Where would I have gotten an invite, discord?

Yeah, man... It's there waiting for you... :-)

Hey man! I don't understand this, is this like one more contest?

Ha-ha... No, it's not another contest... :-)

If you go to the bottom of the post there is a link to the "Original Announcement Post," which explains clearly what this is all about. For added reference, you can also check out links to the first three updates thereafter.

In a nutshell, this is a Mega-Collaboration amongst several Open-Mic Steemians from across the world - getting together to celebrate the 2-year anniversary of the Open-Mic venue here on Steemit.

ohh hahaha sorry, I understand what this is all about, wonderful project, I look forward to hearing the final product of this! Success! @passion-ground