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It’s been nearly 3 months since I started this epic musical MASH-UP journey. Here is the link to my original post: https://steemit.com/openmic/@passion-ground/open-auditions-for-a-very-special-passion-ground-production

Although I did a fair amount of editing, and I did all of the mixing & mastering – in addition to putting together the entire video production by myself, - I could not have done any of it without the essential help from my brother, Jose, aka @pechichemena.

Pechiche laid the necessary groundwork to get this project off the ground! Working together closely nearly every step of the way, Pechiche gave me the much-needed “training wheels” that I needed to see the project through to completion.

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And BOOM… Here We Are!

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Though I am disappointed that a few key players were unable to participate for various reasons beyond their control, I am over-the-top thrilled with the results that our A-TEAM has brought to the table for this very special tributary event.

This was no easy task trust me… However, it was a long and arduous labor of love! Below is an image of my post-production checklist as I was assembling and organizing all of the video footage. Similar amounts of copious notes were needed to keep abreast of mixing all of the 37-tracks that make up this 9-gigabyte mega-production.

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Credit Where Credit is Due…

In my initial announcement 3-months ago, I promised each participating artist an equal split of $100 SBD/STEEM directly from my personal account. Well, in addition to myself, we had 12 participating artists – all of whom worked extremely hard to get their deliverables in on time – and I made an executive decision to bump that number up to $120 SBD/STEEM. As such, even though they deserve 10x this amount, each of the 12 participating artists has already received $10.00 SBD/STEEM each.


Furthermore, as previously mentioned, all earnings that this post earns by week’s end will be split as follows: 50% to the Creative Team, which consists of me and @Pechichemena, and the remaining 50% will be split amongst the 12 incredible artists who made this epic mash up a reality.

Finally, even though I am an official Open-Mic judge, I am submitting this entry solely on behalf of the 12 rather talented and hardworking artists who made this happen. As such, should this entry be fortunate enough to “place” anywhere in week #104’s winner's circle, I will immediately disperse 100% of any such prize earnings equally amongst each of these 12 fantastic artists!

In light of the rather remote prospects mentioned above, I will refrain from voting or reviewing this entry entirely, and leave such fate up to the community at large and to the rest of the judges along with our esteemed host, @luzcypher. Now, without further ado…

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…What You’ve All Been Waiting For

Might I suggest selecting FULL SCREEN and using headphones for the ultimate experience. Since there is so much going on, it may take half a dozen views or more to fully appreciate everyone’s individual performances.

I cannot begin to tell you just how utterly impressed and proud I am of each of these amazing artists. All of them were my friends before the mash-up, but now, they are my family! I love each and every one of them, and I am just overwhelmed with pride and joy.

This has to be one of the biggest and most treasured musical accomplishments in my lifetime, and I shall cherish every moment of blood, sweat, and tears it took to make it happen – for the rest of my life.

It’s still just “Amateur Hour” though - as I am no pro… I wish I had more time to create a better mix and a better video – but I did the best I could with what I had in the time allotted. I extend my humble thanks to all of you for entrusting me with this very special project.

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Peace, Love, and Justice for All

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Hey man - it's great to see it all come together! I wanted to suggest that you maybe repost this a second time with the note that many may have not had the chance to see it with the hard fork. You put infinite amounts of time and energy into it, and should toot your own horn once more if you need a nudge.


Thank you for the kind words and encouragement, brother Matt!
You played a pivotal role in bringing it all together despite numerous obstacles beyond your control... For that, I thank you!

Hey @passion-ground You have done an absolutely amazing job with this whole production. Thank you so much for putting this together and for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing experience. I cannot even begin to comprehend how much work would have gone into this. It's truly appreciated. I am honestly blown away by the talent of the artists in this production. WOW! SUPER WOW! Every vocal and instrument mashed together so well. This was so much fun. Thanks again, brother.


Thank you so much, brother...
Your efforts, skills, and artistry made a huge difference...
Thank you for your creative participation...
I'll never forget it!

This is super cool!
I'm glad you saved your guitar before it dropped, @passion-ground:D:D:D
You guys jammed the fuck out of the earth!


So cool you caught that, bro... hahah...
Thank goodness I had the rest of the band to back me up!
Thank you so much for digging the fuck out this, brother...
Luv U, man!

super cool @passion-ground I love, good job :D really thank you

a hug and blessings for you bro :D :D :D


Thank you, Yis...
Your incredible guitar playing really made this whole number come to life...
You are awesome, brother...
Thank You!


thank you brother for giving me this great opportunity :D :D :D

ps: I loved the post I really liked a lot........

good vibes for you brother :D :D :D

Excelente trabajo Passion, Quedó espectacular <3 Amé el vídeo <3


Alejandra, without you - this would have not been the same...
Thank you for your incredible creative contribution!


@alejandra23 lo gozaste demasiado jajaja! ¡Excelente!

OMG!!! THIS IS JUST AMAZIIIIIIIIIING!!! I JUST LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! RESTEEMED, VOTED, LOVED, DAMN!!! @passion-ground you just have to repeat for another date a Mash-Up 2nd Round, yes or yes hahahaha I really enjoy it a lot, congratz to all the people who join this awesome work to show the love for the Open Mic, you're awesomeeeeeeeeeee!!


Jaja... Thank you so much brother Ilazra...
You will be there for the Mash-UP 3.0 even if I have to come and get you!
Thank you again for such kind words and sentiments...

For God passion! God ... please ... do not be so modest this production is amazing!

One work so wonderful chamo!

How incredible, seriously, I'm your fan! congratulations, a total show, naguará!

Success and more success boy! champion!


I am your fan too, my brother...
Thank you for such kind words of encouragement!

What a beautiful job, brother! A beauty! Everyone has a great energy and a lot of talent. Kisses and sincere hugs.


Thank you, my brother...
Your words and support mean everything to me...
Thank You!

wow! really cool! congrats and I like a lot the video! Thanks a lot for support all of us (the Steemit musicians) lml btw I love that fender´s guitar sounds! Im very happy to watch some of my venezuelan friends in this vid ;) <3 lml


So glad you like the video @nahupuku!
The "Fender," but far more importantly, your "Venezuelan friends" played a major role in making this mashup a reality... I owe them everything!
Thank you!

Wow! This is so freaking cool!! I could have totally added some Indian element. I can hear some nice Indian vocal lines and instrument licks.
And don't worry about "Amateur Hour" man... The point is you did it and its out. Most of the creativity remains in people's head and never comes out (like the person typing this thing 😋). At least this is out there and into the world.
Thank you for making this, this has inspired me so much.
I need to come back to the open mic!


It pleases me so that this is an inspiration for you...
Yes, you need to come back to the Open-Mic!
I have always loved and enjoyed your past entries...
Thank you for your kind words of hope and encouragement, brother!

wow wow wow. I really feel honoured to have made this team guys. It means a lot that I could be amongst the A-team.

When I think of all the challenges that stood before me, making it almost impossible for me to participate. I really wanted to play the piano, and also the guitar... but it almost didn't look like I will feature in this great stride.

At least I got my Hair and vocals into this one.

Thank you @passion-ground.


Thank you, brother @klynic!
I'm so glad you were able to be part of the crew...
Your energy is contagious!!

Straight fire man! Everyone is groovin'!!!


Thanks, Doc!!!

Dude, this is one intense monster of a mash. I just had to use half my daily ration of 2 comments to say Dang! I feel a little bit of that hurricane in there...


Thanks, Shook...
Glad you were a part of it, brother!

Wow, a Steemit supergroup! That was epic. Well done to everyone.


Thank you, Steve!
Glad you liked it...

felicidades un hermoso y gran trabajo....
disfrute enormemente el video.....
son grande..... exitos y bendiciones.


They are great indeed...
Thank you so much, @maycorjerjes18!
Blessings to you as well...

Excellent work friends I liked a lot.


Thank you, Carlos!


I am very grateful and honored to have participated in this event and I personally thank you @ passion-ground for choosing me to include me in your production, thank you very much for the truth.


You are quite welcome, Miguel...
You did an outstanding job in making this all come together...
Thank You!


You're welcome! and to order, it was a pleasure bro, thank you

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

What a nice video, good vibes! It is just great how music can give us good friends who are like special songs to us <3
Congrats!!! You did it great!


Thank you so much, @eugelys!

It was an honor to have participated in this special tribute Open Mic, infinite thanks @passion-ground that although I did not appear in the video you took me into account in this post, you really raffled with this video Man, this work was great.

Thank you, @lerpdrummerboy! Sorry I couldn't get your midi-keyboard drums represented properly in the video...

a genius, tremendous idea ...

congratulations to all .... success .....


Thank you, sir @donlucho...
Tremendous is a fitting term...
Thanks Again!

Great job to you all, That came together so very well. That was massive... too many cools ;9) One quick note, the vid has about 90 seconds of blank screen at the end


Thanks, G-man...
Wasn't aware of the 90-seconds of blank screen...
I'll try to edit and trim via YouTube...

Los felicito. Un hermoso trabajo. Bendiciones a todos los que trabajaron en esta obra.


Thank you so much, brother Leo...
We all worked hard and had so much fun!


Así es. Es evidente que se la pasaron bien. Nuevamente felicitaciones.
Un abrazo para todos ustedes.


That we did...
We had so much fun!
I trust that the joy we all shared from across the world translated accordingly...
A hug and much love to you, brother Leo!

Awesome Woouuu. With headphones is an amazing experience !!!!


Yes indeed...
Headphones and Full-Screen make a big difference...
Thank you, brother!

Wow! So great to see the finished project... That was alot of work for you... but it was really fun to watch! Congratulations!


Thanks, @carljohn!
Next time around will get you in the mix, brother...

Great! So exciting watching this entry. I enjoyed a lot the vocals by @builtinfire. They match perfect. I also like watching @alejandra23 and @mayneth. Awesome for you, guys. So good, @pechichemena. Good luck for you, guys! Next time!


Next time - you are going to be present @siomarasalmeron!
Thank you so much for your kind words of support and encouragement...
Hugs, and much love to you!

hahaha GUUUAAAAUUU !!! this is really amazing, spectacular, my congratulations to passion-ground and to all those who made this Mashup possible. is incredible, all were excellent, but I must be honest to tell you that I love @pechichemena for the touch of the guitar jejejeje ...... a huge hug for everyone. @ passion-ground you are great ...


Thank you, Diana!
Yes indeed, Pechiche knocked it out of the park with his lead solo for sure!

Looks you all had great fun :) Oh my god that planning page... must have been crazy XD, wish I could be one third as organized hahah :)
I can see you've built a bonding memory and by the way luck with it this week.


Even though it was hard work - fun we had indeed!
Thank you, Pricilla!

nice <3 good music <3 my vote and reesteem

Que energía tan buena y contagiosa! Un gran abrazo, todos estuvieron geniales, lo he disfrutado mucho! Felicitaciones!!! :) :) :) :)

What a good and contagious energy! A big hug, everyone was great, I enjoyed it very much! Congratulations!!! :) :) :) :)


Thank you so much, brother!