OpenMic Night Contest entry - Featuring the youngest and cutest contestant, with one of his favorite songs

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This is my first entry for the OpenMic Night contest. Well, not me, but mini me. :)

Hope the Steemit community all get behind this very cool initiative.

This is a song my son sang for you guys. Please give him some encouragement!


how I wish I can upvote with 10000% this time! :)

He is soooo adorable @nextgen622, my son isnt singing yet, he just know how to count from 1 to 10. I love kids at this age, how cute their voices are :)

Thanks @mibenkito. Yeah kids at this age are so cute. :) Don't want them to grow up too fast. Are you teaching your son German or another language?

Im teaching him English now, since I'm not that good at German lol. My hubby can teach him German, but he said that my son will learn it sooner or later when he goes to kindergarten though. But interestingly, my child likes English, he speaks English all the time and now he knows English names of animals, body parts and begins learning fruit. How cute :) Your son has exactly the same hairstyle as my son too, lovely :D

Cool. Your son is a clever boy. Already knows so many words. Yeah we're the same when it comes to language for my son. We are mostly teaching him Chinese, because everyone says he will learn English when he goes to kinder. hehe really? He hates haircuts. So it's always really difficult to get him to cooperate for his hair to be cut.

Haha same here, it is pretty challenging for us with the haircut thingy, he will not sit still, instead scream and even cry it out loud. Yes, we were surprised at first when he counted 1-10 in English, since I did not teach him much, I would say that he might love English, sometimes I let him watch some youtube video about farm animals and words, and he just learns from that maybe :D your son is super cute too, he can sing really well, my son does not show any interest in singing lol

That is adorable. He is just like my nieces - they are always singing in front of the camera too. Thanks for sharing:)

Thanks @thecryptofiend. Yeah kids this age can be so adorable.

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Oh my god that is so unbelievably adorable, just beautiful singing little man congratulations on all the votes and keep up the counting!


Thanks @beanz. We think so too. :)

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