Steemit Open Mic Week 103 - Taylor by Jack Johnson with a new key and different vibe.

in openmic •  9 months ago 

Here is is performance of Taylor by Jack Johnson. It is a bit different to the standard way of playing, it has a bit more funk I guess. I hope you enjoy it! Oh yeah - it's my first open mic! Recorded in my shed through my PA system with an iPhone 7. No fancy audio this time, just the iPhone mic.

Cheers, Nat.

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Welcome to Open Mic!

Audio is pretty good considering the setup. The guitar comes through well.


Thanks! yeah it didn't come up too bad. I would usually try and grab a stereo feed out of the mixing desk, record it into a zoom h2 and then sync up with the video but it was just so much easier to go strait to phone and then from phone direct to poo tube.

@natvegas if you know how to handle the guitar very well a unique sound very beautiful voice good theme you chose from Jack Johnson. I am impressed by your first time in open microphone and you showed a lot of strength a lot of encouragement I congratulate you I hope someday to sing like this @ neymarth10


thanks for that

Hi natvegas,

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wow! thanks for the support :P

The kinda music I like to listen to... it comes out very naturally. It has some john mayer vibe in it (which to me It's reaaally good) hope you don't mind the comparison. This week is my first on openmic too. I hope to see more of your work !


thank you, you have a lovely voice.

Yeah. This is really good. I sometimes don't really like Johnson's songs, but I like this one. You play it really well! Looking forward to more from you. Excellent job!


yeah, I liked his first album or two then I lost interest. I like the song brushfire fairytails

Thanks for sharing your version of his song. You play it beautifully. And I bet your fans would enjoy listening to your own original songs as well.

Love the twist you gave it, love the little funkiness of it.. You sang it really well too.. No one would have thought that this was made using an iphone, it's just amazing!


thanks :) I tend to put a bit o funk in almost everything I play, can't help it im addicted to the funk. Years of listening to Parliament, Brothers Johnson, The Floozies, The Commodores, Curtis Mayfield and Outkast. I think the iphone worked well because I was amplifying my voice and guitar through the PA first, I think it compressed the audio a bit.


Its always great to add a little bit of "you" to your content, is funk is you, then keep adding that touch of you to it!!

Oh yeah, that must be! I am glad it worked because I definitely did enjoy your performance...

Sounds really good man.



Wow, i've been visited by the open mic gorilla! peace and respect. Thanks for the kind words, look forward to contributing each week. thumbs up.gif

@ natvegas, I love the way how you sing. Your guitar compliment your voice very well. I like the simple way of how you present the song without other music instrument. just a guitar and your voice. You know what, it suitable to be presented in any cafe where after work, we take a cub of coffee and enjoy your song. A stressful day will gone by the wind. All the best in your contest.


that is very kind of you - I have followed. I am looking to take on more performing over the next while, I am based in Melbourne, Australia. I love the quiet cafe gigs where I can just set up in a corner and jam to my hearts content.


Keep me posted on your next performance. I would like to watch. Melbourne wow, is a great place to visit. I am from other land Malaysia :)

Hey @natvegas, it is great that nowadays it is possible to capture such moment just with a smart phone, the music sounds beautiful, I always loved songs that accompanied by guitar and if the person played himself that was the best. You can see emotions of the performer and a lot of feeling.

Wonderful performance and thank you for such nice video, I wish you all success :)

Cheers, from Art-supporting blog,@art-venture


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Oh my God, I love your voice. What a beautiful performance, I liked it a lot, besides, you play the guitar excellent. I like to enjoy great performances here in Steemit and yours is one of them .. Many luck in the contest .. A big hug from Venezuela @natvegas !

@natvegas,, hi there? Beautiful skill there on that accoustiv guitar, the truth is it's always difficult to sing and at the same without killing the vibe, you have a splendid voice and this isn't the only thing you took the original cover and sold out your acts with the beautiful command of your voice really and made it into a different genre of song that thrills

Congratulations, it sounds really good! I guess I could listen to your music while drawing. It would inspire me. Keep up the good work!

I love it is a very nice music interpreted by your sweet and soft voice. It's great to hear how you sang angelical and played the guitar with a nice melody. I liked that you will sing so delicately and tenderly. It's super incredible to hear good music from your voice. Congratulations. Good luck in this contest. A big greeting @natvegas