Steemit Open Mic semana 98 ​​(cover) - My Way-by Carmelo Gómez @ melor9.Hosted by @pfunk y @luzcypher

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Cover of Song: "My Way" by @melor9

Hello friends of Steemit, it is an honor for me to show you my post this week for this great contest, with one of my favorite songs: "My Way". This song that was made unforgettable in the voice of Frank Sinatra, I recorded it with the accompaniment of a Venezuelan cuatro with a fusion of the traditional Venezuelan rhythm "orchid" and "salsa". I hope you like it, I will be honored to receive all the recommendations to improve my work every week. PS: sorry for my bad pronunciation ;-)



Hi melor9,

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wow! I am very honored to receive your support! Thank you very much! This has been a great day for me

@melor9 Frank Sinatra is a classic icon and for you to take him on is brave. Using your cuatro and the tempo, you were excellent! You sang it very nicely and I loved the sound of this song with the cuatro! Very well played!

How rewarding to read your comment @ilsaione, really interpreting a song that has as a reference to the great Sinatra is quite a challenge. Good thing you liked it! regards

It was a great rendition of a classic song and worthy of the @curie vote! You did amazing!

Gracias man!un abrazo

Great tribute to a great singer 👍 amigo :-)

Do you ever tried to upload to dtube? It’s meanwhile good integrated into the steemit economy 🤓😀

Thanks friend! I made a failed attempt to upload my post to dtube 2 weeks ago ... but I did not know how to do it ... now I'm already wrong and I hope I can do a better job using that great platform

Oh yes sometimes Dtubes fails, especially with biger videos... Possible that it was not your fault. :-)

I used also tutorials my first time. This looks good:

... or this also:

See u later buddy :-) 😃

Thanks thanks👏

Amigo me encantó. Felicidades. Un abrazo. Mucho exito.

Gracias por el apoyo mi amiga querida!que lo diga ud es de gran valor para mi.un abrazo

Realmente demasiado original tu versión, fascinada, aplausos, tienes buena voz, tocas muy bien y tienes carisma, saludos

Mil gracias!que agradable leer sus comentarios

Genial amigo mio, muy contento de verte subir temas con calidad de primer nivel. Felicitaciones...

Maestro y amigo mío,es un honor recibir sus comentarios.un abrazo

Maestrooo y amigo excelente tema y como no excelente voz. un fuerte abrazo.

gracias hermano mío!que gusto verte por acá!

demasiado con mucho hermano exitos

jajajajaja muchas gracias bro

thanks for this great opportunity! regards