Steemit OpenMic Week 83 - original "I Think of You"

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Steemit OpenMic Week 83 - original "I Think of You"

Steemit OpenMic Week 83 - original "I Think of You"


I think of "Footprints" now and wonder in my head
one thought has been that of separation
upon this shadow illusion of creation
the time, the crowd, the fear, the doubt

Always has no direction

I think of You

Time a moving image of eternity
mind arena of choice
and if there is no journey and only to awake
then when, and how, pretend right now

Always has no direction - it must be now

I think of You

The dream the dreamer dreams

I think of You
I think of You

words and music by Mark Austin copyright 1994

In the day of MP3.COM the Mark Austin Band brought this song to:
#1 in the Jazz charts
#1 in the Psychedelic charts / sub-genre of Rock
#6 in Pop charts, #2 in J-Pop
#7 in smooth jazz
#35 combined OVER ALL MP3.COM

if I can only do it justice :-)

thanks to the Steemit Open Mic Judges
@soundlegion, @krystle, @verbal-d, @passion-ground, and @meno

@pfunk for sponsoring Steemit Open Mic.

@ausbitbank for creating the @openmic account and helping to get it funded

and of course - @luzcypher

ready for take off :-)

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¡WOW! I like those armonics.


thank you...they work great like that in A-

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thanks @operahoser, I appreciate you listening

love that fretless man!
planning to get myself an acoustic fretless Warwick :D


I love Warwick! Didn't know they made such an instrument though. I probably love it. Yea, this is a sweet fretless. I do some soloing on the latest here
Hey I enjoyed your playing and it's nice connecting. I'll be tuning in :-)


gonna get this sweet beast
I'll check it out definitely ^^
And yep, I really like this part about Steemit, connecting to other musicians :D


I want that Warwick man!!!! I have an acoustic that is pretty sweet. I've played it on my blog. It's a Washburn that looks like that. Cool