23@72on522018 Music made for Steemit

in music-concert •  11 months ago

Hello Folks,
First off, thank you to all the folks supporting me/voting me every time. This platform is set up to support people. How cool! I'm doing the same as I discover you. Community, what a concept. :-)

So here is another made-for-steemit 23 minutes of music at 72 beats per minute here on May 2, 2018.

This cut features fretless bass solo, keyboard and guitar solos. Enjoy, Mark

I create this space empowering freedom for all!

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This is really cool! I like the chill groove vibe you're creating :D


thanks @that.bass.guy...... I had to redo the E- groove. I have two drum tracks to choose from and played to the wrong one first :-)

thanks @stimp1024 your awesome bro!