Steemit Openmic #116 -original- Love For More Than Meets The Eye

in openmic •  2 months ago

The list for Love is long's hard to stop listing the needed loves :-)

So this one is dedicated to Love!

Love For More Than Meets The Eye

help me remember I'm more than I can see
help me remember I inhabit a Galaxy
help me remember the reason I do the things I do
no sooner do I write this when freedom bells ring true
it's the moment of creation that frees the earth anew
and gives the light of love to spread through and through
thank you Father Sun for shining down on me
to use your rays of activation exponentially

Love, for there is more than meets the eye
the cycle of life eternal

Love as I blanket Mother Earth in the light
massive seas of candles reach it's flame
eyes open everywhere to see inside the true flame
the beautifully opened wings that soared
our breath anew to carry on, forever through this golden age
to birth a new beginning and earn beyond a wage
love in these changing times, love in a peace sublime
love in a family, love in that big shade tree

Love, for there is more than meets the eye
the cycle of life eternal

More Than Meets The Eye, More Than Meets The Eye (repeat)


love for getting along, I said love for knowing no harm
love for needed forgiveness, love to get beyond this
and love cause I feel it inside, I said love for being light
love for the children, love for taking care of them
love for our own DNA, Mother Earth and the Milky Way

Love, for there is more than meets the eye
the cycle of life eternal

love for the present moment now, love for learning to allow
love for beyond what we can see, love for the mystery
love for who we really are, love for our family in the stars
love for a pure equality, love for our own humility

love for the water that we drink, love for the thought inside to think
love for every single breath, love for knowing no death
love for our freedom to speak, and love in what empowers me
love for the journey on the path, love for a big belly laugh
love for needed forgiveness, love for finding my bliss
love for staying the course, love for living with the Force
love for feeling Spirit inside, love for turning the tide
love for the true history, love for understanding her plea
love for compassion and grace, love for the contribution to this place
love for seeing through the veil, love for knowing what to tell
love, love love, love

words and music by Mark Austin copyright 2011
all rights reserved

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hey thank you brother! Hope the witness thing is treating you well! I voted for you. staying tuned, Mark

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