Steemit Openmic #114 - original - I Believe In You - 2018 12 05 19 23 17

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Steemit Openmic #114 -original - I Believe In You


From the stars up in the sky
from the twinkle of a baby's eye
in the summer, winter, or the spring
I still feel that familiar ring

It reaches out from the Heavens inside
brings me closer to the beauty that I hide
gives me reason to believe in you
cause it shows me that I wanted to


When I find that state of Paradise
no thing is new, no surprises
without beginning or end in sight
where I am you & you are me is right

words and music by Mark Austin copyright 1995

I dedicate this to transparency.

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Wow! You are a one man band! Your voice is amazing. I loved it too during the introduction. And your music is catchy. I was singing the "I believe in you" part while listening to the song. 😍😍


Hello @romeskie, Thanks so much! thanks for joining in the chorus! I heard you singing :-) I do a lot of long jams to have on while on a break, cleaning, cooking etc... Follow and join often or like I like to say 'stay tuned'

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It is amazing everything you can do! Congratulations, friend. Much success :)


thank you so much! I appreciate it. All my best.

As always really nice to see your performance Mark, you are one man orchestra, thank you for attaching the lyrics too it is clear what is the song about. Nicely played instruments and like the way how you have your voice under control and can change it just how you want, sounds great!


your awesome @stef1 ! Glad your enjoying! I love hearing it, thank you!

Hi markaustin,

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Hi friend..!!
Another magnificent interpretation, you are multifascic, you have a lot of talent, the way you make your videos is very original, I love it!!

I see that all your content is exclusive original, that has a lot of value and means a lot to us .. A big hug @markaustin and follow the success !!


thank you so much! and thanks for staying tuned and I'm glad you value original material and make mention of it! Me too! Hug back!

You are a talented musician. It is impressive how you can play all those instruments while singing, and it is so amazing that you've also written this song. Those facts just proved me you are a complete artist!


what a great compliment, thank you!