Official Announcement - Steemit Open Mic Has Added A New Judge To The Team - Welcome @passion-ground

in openmic •  last year

Guys, It's official! @passion-ground is the newest addition to the Steemit Open Mic team to pick winner's each week.

He has a great ear for music and is very involved in the Steemit Open Mic community, engaging with each person that enters, and always helpful and encouraging.

Please welcome him aboard the Open Mic team.

Thanks, @passion-ground for being such an important part of growing the music community on Steemit. Look forward to listening to some great music with you.


The Steemit Open Mic Team


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Awesome! This contest is getting better every single week! :)

Awesome talented people

Wow this is awesome to hear. Greeeeaaat

What wonderful news. Congratulations @passion-ground, in good time!

Attaboy, @passion-ground! Congrats man! Looking forward to more of your input!

Welcome all my friends to the show that never ends; we're so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside!
ELP, something like that anyway...Good job!


I love this song. Very good song for Open Mic, the show that never ends.

You are awesome sir . Thank you
Thanks a lot for share this

Awesome! Congrats @passion-ground

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I'm happy for you.
Heck I'm happy for all of us.

This is awesome! @passion-ground is one of my favorite Steemians:D


He really is a cool dude and loves Open Mic. Look forward to listening to some jams together.

So stoked to have him on board, he will be a great addition to the judging panel and I look forward to our first week with him as our new judge.

@passion-ground welcome to the team, you're already proving to be a valuable and insightful member of our little group - congratulations!

Thats amazing! Well deserved... Congratulations @passion-ground!

Awesome pick
Congratz to @passion-ground

sweet! glad to have @passion-ground a huge favorite here!! Great news to hear

I strongly support your mission @luzcypher

@passion-ground is going to be giving out even more positive energy, support and encouragement. We couldn't have found a better judge. Welcome bro

Thanks man! Good choice on Passion Ground

Thanks man! Good choice on Passion Ground

gracias por la ayuda =)

wow a warm welcome to the new judge @passion-ground

great work @luzcypher

It's about bloody time! The guys been checking out every openmic entry, every week since he started lol!

In all seriousness solid choice brother. He's gona be a great addition to the panel.