Steemit Open Mic Week 97. Samson - Regina Spektor (cover)

in #openmic3 years ago

Hey guys,

I am back! Officially!

I have had a hectic few months getting things sorted but I have finally moved in to my first successful home with my partner, @gamingwithbaz.

We've had a lot of difficulties along the way, the most recent being that the house we were going to move into burnt down. Unlucky events like this quite often happen to me. But, we are looking on the positive side! We have now moved in and decorated our new house. I have set myself up a little music studio and am going to be sending a lot more videos in.

I have finally been creating original track left, right and centre so these will be making a lot more appearances.

For now, I hope you enjoy the amazing works of Regina Spektor and like my cover :)



I love your voice! I will follow to hear more.

Ahh thank you very much @kooshikoo

Beautiful vocals. I wish i could see the guitar also but nevertheless, the beautiful sight of the acoustic panels also kept me engaged. Thank you for sharing. Awesome rendition.

Thank you @papaudeme! That's a good idea, I might try and get the guitar in next time too! My camera was fairly zoomed in but I'm going to try and work out the settings.

Nice voice, good luck @lucybanks ;)

Thank you very much @carlosgu

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I'm glad you're back. success for this week.

This is too weird... I was literally thinking about you just yesterday, and bam - you're back!
So glad you're all settled...
Great comeback-cover and entry, Lucy!

Haha that's very nice to hear @passion-ground!!
I'm never away for too long, I just needed to get my ducks in a row before I was able to record anything again!
I'm happy to be back though with the support from you guys xox

So glad you have returned, this was a great performance @lucybanks

I have included you in my Judge's Top 5 List for Week 97

Please read the full review here

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