Steemit Open Mic Week 137 - Ambient Metal Guitar "Bells Of Oblivion"

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Greetings Steemit Open Mic!

Was playing around and came up with some interesting music to share with you this week on Open Mic. This one is very ambient and ominous sounding, hence the name ;)


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Hello @ik666, we meet again, nice to see you! Another great piece of yours that I like. It reminds me of Joe Satriani. I kind of envy you (in a good way) for you guitar knowledge. I wish you good luck and hope to see you again with another great piece. Take care!

Thank you very much <3
I'm very honored you mentioned Satch when referring to one of my tunes. That's just badass !!!
You take care as well :)

That's what I felt when I started listening to your music :) Keep creating good music and steem on!

Hi lk666,

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The music was treat to hear. also I liked the entire vibe of the video, the animal wall hanging behind you and the cap and all. they just made my 7-8 mins worth.
Keep rocking!

Thank you so very much <3
Very happy you enjoyed the music and the vibe of the rehearsal space :)
and the hat ;) \m/

It seems that I finally found people with the same musical taste that I have. well done . I really enjoyed the track

Thank you <3
I know exactly what you mean by that too ;)

Some good stuff there man

Thank you bro <3

Sick playing you got there @lk666. Amazing. What I really like is when you start playing the riffs at around 3:22, so pleasant in the ears. I never played guitar but I am sure that I love to listen to those. Such a talent you have.

Cheers man and don't stop playing. They are still a lot of Rock Music enthusiast out there. And music like this is really irresistable for them not to listen. Rock on!

Thank you for the wonderful comment <3
I'll never stop playing unless I physically can't do it anymore ;)
Very happy you enjoyed \m/

That was really beautiful. I just relaxed and let my mind wander. Great stuff bro

Thank you Michael <3 I'm very happy you enjoyed the music \m/

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