Steemit Open Mic Week 127 - Cover of Poison Black's "Maybe Life Is Not For Everyone"

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Greetings Steemit Open Mic!

This weekend was pretty rough one and so I had a few rounds of whiskey and some weed to deal with it along with some music from this band among a handful of others. So I decided last night to learn this particular one.


As the old cliché goes
That worn out saying
"That which doesn't kill you..."
Most surely cripple, main
What goes through the mind
Of such lively numb?
You better hold on tight son
The worst is yet to come
Pray for Jesus to love you
Thou your soul he sold
Call suicide hot line
And get the "please hold..."
But do not discriminate
Hate all equally, alone
Smile is only skin deep
But loathing goes right to the bone
It's an eye for an eye
Maybe life is not for everyone
Maybe life is not for everyone
As they watch you crumble, come undone
They won't mourn, they won't my son
Just lower you down and forget
If it was the though that counts
You'd be down to your last straw
Dream to pass the time
Until the reaper's at your door
'Cause it's an eye for an eye
Maybe life is not for everyone
Maybe life is not for everyone
As they watch you crumble, come undone
They won't mourn, they won't my son
Just lower you down

I hope you enjoy!

A big thank you to all the open mic team @luzcypher @pfunk @meno @soundlegion @verbal-d @krystle @passion-ground!

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You have a beautiful voice and your signing is heartfelt.

The reverb really suits your style, keep rocking and rolling!
Not all universal thing are for everyone... Is a fact I wonder about constantly.

Thank you very much <3
The older I get I wonder about a lot of things, the point is one of the biggest.

What a great performance, congratulations! Looks like the guitar is perfect for you as you play it very well. Well done and keep up the good work!

Thank you very much <3

My pleasure, have a nice day :)

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