Steemit Open Mic Week 124 - (Original) Bare Me Hence

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Greetings Steemit Open Mic!

This week I'm playing a new one that will be released on my next work for Circle Of Death Records(Yet Untitled). This song I wrote sometime in 2018 and did a simple recording but have since fleshed the song out to it's final form. This song uses a lot of metaphor and is about a man that is dying.


listening to them as they moan
feels like my blood has turned to stone
what if they were right all along
when we die we are all alone forever

forever dwell in sweet fields of nothing
waiting or the sorrow to corrupt the void
where everything exist in perfect nothing
where ships of loneliness sail the seas of life
and no ship can now bare me hence

You can stream the studio version of this song now on Choon

I hope you enjoy!

A big thank you to all the open mic team @luzcypher @pfunk @meno @soundlegion @verbal-d @krystle @passion-ground!

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Great one :) Loved the lyrics and composition and how you sang it :)

Thank you very much <3

Hi lk666,

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the song moved me very much. I have a family member with cancer. I felt like a blow to the reality that one day he will not be with us anymore. however, the hope that it will improve is latent. a beautiful song, touching as I mentioned, well done.

Thank you very much <3
Death is hard but know that he will indeed be in a better place and never really far away. I know that doesn't really help, but in time it has helped me deal with the loss of my wife and my parents.
Peace <3

I am clear that the only sure thing in life is death. Only there's no way to be ready for that. however, time manages to heal wounds. again, thanks for sharing your song.

woooow amazing sound bro! lml

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