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RE: Operation: We are The Open Mic

in #openmic2 years ago

Hi @meno!
I really appreciate all your doing to support the Steemit Openmic and have been inspired to also join in supporting and keeping it alive 😏
I recently wrote a post on this topic, but I'm worried that when I added openmic as a beneficiary that it didn't go through. I did download the Steemplus and think I did everything correctly and followed the instructions in this post, but is there anyway that you can check to see if openmic was in fact a beneficiary from the post?
The post can be accessed by clicking here.

Please let me know since I am new to using Steemplus and am still learning how it all works! 😊


hey there.. I was just over at your post (im faster than you) hahahah well, the beneficiary did not go thru, but if you wish to donate some liquid funds to the @openmic when this pays out, that would also be welcomed.

once again, thank you for thinking about the community.

You commented fast haha.
I'll see what I can do to resolve that issue becaue I honestly don't know what went wrong? Hmmm, I'll look into it some more!

And I'm glad to help out as a part of the community! 😏

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