My Decision of Supporting the Steemit Openmic and How You Can Too!

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Hi Steemit Community!

Recently I read an article post by @meno about how the Steemit community can come together and further support the continuation of the Steemit Openmic (Also known as 'Operation: We Are The Openmic').
This post by @meno was very enlightening and encouraging, and you can locate this post here for more information!


After reading this article, I thought about how much I truly love being a part of the Steemit Openmic and how I desire to give back to those who host it and contribute so much time, work, and resources into it every single week (@luzcypher, @pfunk, @meno, @krystal, @soundlegion, @passion-ground, @verbal-d).

Thank you for all that you do to make the Steemit Openmic possible ❤

The Openmic music community has been such a wonderful environment to be a part of and I want to continue seeing it thrive and welcome many other musicians 😏

In light of this, I have decided to give 10% back to the Steemit Openmic on all of my posts and videos that are music related!
I fully believe in supporting this community that I am a part of and hope you also will join in on keeping Steemit Openmic alive!

Long live the Openmic!
Sarah Nicole ❤

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I am pretty serious about it because I believe the openmic community is a great one to be a part of.

I just joined steemit recently and dont know much about the openmic...what do you guys actually?
By the way, i think your pictures are beautiful (sorry if i degressed, i had to add that bit?


Let me share some about the Steemit Openmic with you 😏
The openmic is hosted by @luzcypher every single week for musicians who want to share music with each other! Sponsors and judges put a lot of time going through all of the submitted entries that qualify every single week and select winners who receive prizes.
There are a few rules you have to follow to enter, but here is the official openmic page for this week that explains all of them: Openmic Page

I hope this helps! 😊


Sounds nice. I will check it out.


Great! Hope to see you on Openmic!

This looks like a really good idea.


I agree! I think @meno's idea of taking action and supporting the Steemit Openmic is a great idea because everyone who is a part of it can work together to keep openmic alive 😏

thank you for caring about the community @lifetipsbysn



Thank you for the inspiration to be a part of this!
I did just leave a comment on your Operation Openmic post asking if openmic is listed as a beneficiary for this post I just shared?
I attempted to do everything right and add them, but I'm really not positive if it went through since I am new to using Steemplus and adding benficiaries!
Hopefully it did! 😊

You're very talented its great to see you doing so well on here. Keep it up dear one


Thank you! I miss you a lot and am so thankful for your support! :)