The Sounds Of Steem Round Two - Join Us For Some Amazing Live Music!

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So the first round of the Sounds of Steem was such an epic and amazing event, we just had to do it again.

I had such an amazing time co-hosting the show with @aggroed and @isaria, getting to speak with people I had just never had the chance to before - it was such a brilliant night I just couldn't wait until we did it all over again and now that time is finally here.

Both the performers and the audience had a blast, in spite of the show running an hour over schedule in the end - what can I say we musos go hard!

I have to say this has to be not only a steemit highlight for me, but also just a phenomenal music highlight as well - this was like the best live concert I have ever attended, not a single act left you wanting more.

Given the timezone difference the show starts at 2 am my time, by the time it had ended it was after 5 am and rather then be exhausted - I found myself buzzing around, until I forced myself to get some sleep.

I had so much fun and I am honestly super excited to be joining everyone once again, if this show is anything like the last one it's going to be one hell of a party!

Speaking of the last Sounds of Steem, for those of you who missed out - or those just looking to relive the wonderful memories , here is the live recording of the show.

Now these guys did such an epic performance @isaria and I were chatting and decided that we just had to send them something for their amazing efforts, we chatted with @swelker101 and @ausbitbank our respective partners and witnesses - and figured we'd top up the earnings from my post, about the last Sounds of Steem event.

So today we sent all the performers (besides @isaria cause even though she performed amazingly, she wants to reward others for their efforts) 10 SBD each as a special thank you for rocking our worlds!

You guys did just such brilliant job, you entertained the shit out of us for over 3 hours in the end - not to mention all of the amazing conversations we shared, it was just such a pleasure and we wanted to say thank you for the epic gig!

So from the bottom of my heart a massive thank you, I absolutely loved every second of it and was just blown away by how amazing you all are.

@soundlegion, @verbal-d, @isaria, @benleemusic, @nathankaye, @meno, @pechichemena, @luisferchav, @rockchickjen, @addiesworld, @joseacabrerav, @mrbloom, @elliotjgardner, @trevorpetrie, @danieldyemusic, @melavie and @basilmarples.

You guys put on such an amazing show, I laughed I cried - I had a blast and now were doin it all over again!

So who do you have to look forward to hearing with us tonight? You may be asking yourself, well we have a beautiful combination of some of the amazing talents that wowed us late time round - but we have also added a few new faces to the mix and this makes me even more excited, were going to hear from people we haven't had on the radio with us before.

I will stop teasing and share the names we have on board with us so far and I'm sure you'll agree it is a rather impressive line up!

We have the brilliantly talented @meno, @pechichemena, @nathankaye, @luisferchav, @melavie, @danieldyemusic, @trevorpetrie, @mrbloom coming back again and I hope I can add the lovely and amazing @isaria in that list too!

But a couple of our new faces are gonna knock your socks off, we have @danshawmusic, @edenmichelle, @hardikv, @kayclarity, @caracortada and @zipporah - and that's so far I am hoping to hear back from some more people's soon, but even with this list you can see this is going to be one hell of a live music event!

I cannot wait until 2am lol, that feel's weird to say but it's so true - I feel like you do before you go to a massive concert or gig, just buzzing of the possibility of an awesome experience.

So do yourself a favour and come and check it out, it's hosted live on MSP-Waves radio over at PAL on discord - you can jump into listen or join in the active chat and get to talk one on one with these exceptionally talented musicians.

Please join us for Sounds of Steem this Saturday, March 10th at 11:00 AM EST

Time zone converter - just add your time zone to see what time the show airs in your local time.

You can listen live at the mspwaves website-
You can listen on twitch-
You can join broadcast hosts in a special chat room on the MSP Discord Channel:
You can check out for more information

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good job, you show the music that people are interested in and make them lull in the song

Awesome. I love to be able to contribute some time!

Super excited! I might join a bit late.. Have an event in India here but have planned to leave asap. Will be there ✨🙌🏼

Omfg! Er ma gerd! I’m excited as fååq! It’s going to be 3am where I am, but who cares!!?? I’m gonna be there with springs on!!

And since joining Steemit I have found myself saying this a lot, but you paid me and the others Steem?!?!?! So I find myself genuinely saying it again, ”That was so unexpected!!!”
What a incredibly pleasant surprise!
Thank you so much!

I’m changing gears for my performance tonight. I hope the listeners, who’ve quickly become accustomed to my effervescent one-man festival side, enjoy the other side of my personality too! Its no less powerful. Just a different kind of power.

Super honoured and super excited!!!

Wooo ! 2nd round ! This is going to be cool! just a couple of hours away ! I'm getting excited !


please promoted my account

Thank you so much @krystle & @isaria! You are such a great source of happiness! I am so exited to be part of the music adventure around the world again!

Wooo! Can’t wait!!! I’ve already perfected a recipe for tonight’s consumption: 1 shot burboun whiskey + 1 teaspoon moccona medium roast 🤣


You were f#####g brilliant my friend!
Loved it mate!


Hey thanks @mrbloom! I'm really enjoying these online concerts and I thoroughly enjoy your tunes too mate. I'd love to hear more than one tune at a time though, have you looked much into DLive?

Wow! I didn't know about this event! Maybe I will partecipate today...but i think i will be working...😭✌️


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A big Thank you to the hosts! It is such a great show and a great honor to play with all the other talented musicians.

awesome! thankyou so much for the SBD reward krystle! Can't wait to catch up with the new episode :D :D :D

This is so awesome! Amazing community with so much engagement :)

I performed on the Sounds Of Steem Round 1 last month, which was such an honour that I was asked! and thoroughly enjoyed playing and hearing all of the other superb artists!
Performing today for round 2 was even more amazing! not that I played a brand new song but the fact that I shared 2 hours of my day with some amazingly talented fellow musicians and songwriters.
I'm proud to be a partof this musical revolution, let's #teamuptosteemup

Thanks @aggroed @isaria and @krystle for making me so welcome and for all of the heard work you do for us musicians.
I'll hopefully be able to make music full time in the future, thanks to @steemit, @msp and not forgetting the brilliant @openmic contest that @luzcypher has lovingly created for us all.

I hope you all enjoyed the show, I certainly did!!
@mrbloom aka Darren Claxton
Restless - The song I performed on the show


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I had such a blast tuning in to the show yesterday even if the time ran out! I'm super psyched to come and play next month.

Follow Jon Magnusson on

Eclectic Indie Rock/Folk musician from Sweden

Aw man I missed that! That sounds so fun - damn that sure sounds like fun!

Doh, sounds like I missed a treat, but I'll catch with the recording above. Fantastic to see te love spreading through the community. ☺